Why Eat Grapes

Grapes contain 3-4 calories each and are loaded with heart disease fighting antioxidants. Research has also shown that dark-skinned grapes are good for …

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  1. so who told you we dont grow fruits in Africa
    i am amazed at the these caucians people are so jealous of our rich Africa that that has everything you cant find anywhere in the world. im a nutritions and there is no other continent that you will everything. there are other things that you dont even know unless we tell you and that is why you manufacture diseases to kill us yet God overturns this and cancer kills so many caucasian people than any other disease, they dont have fresh foods which is a big contributor short life expectancy in europe

  2. this is an advert for weltchs, weltchs grape juice has very little grape juice and a lot of sugar accept the 100 per cent grape juice that they showed you in the clip.

  3. I started drinking red wine and now I feel like a genius. Now if we could only take all that nasty sugar out of Welch's grape fruit juice…

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