Whole Eggs Vs Egg Whites | Nutrition Battle

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  1. I keep free range chickens. Once spring hits we get more eggs than we can can keep up with. I must eat at least 6 whole eggs a day… Nothing beats them though.

  2. I am 18 years old i just joined gym i can,t afford supplements can i eat 20 eggs daily is it enough to gain perfect physique tell me please

  3. Good to see a bodybuilder that knows and cares about nutrition too.

    The info here is pretty damn good; although as a holistic nutritionist I can add a few more key points about eggs and especially egg yolks:

    The cholesterol in yolks is VERY good for your overall health, and you can (and should) eat several per day.. Here's the thing though: It has to be consumed in its raw, natural, liquid state. If you cook the yolk to a solid or even semi-solid the saturated fat and cholesterol become oxidized and damaged. Damaging the integrity of these nutrients with heat causes chaos in your body's physiology, which is where the heart problems etc. come from. Do not ever eat egg yolks cooked to a solid. Not even once a week. If they're raw though, even 20 a day won't give you any problems whatsoever.

    Egg whites are OK to eat cooked as they are pretty much all protein and magnesium. Protein doesn't oxidize and become toxic like fats and cholesterol do.

    I would highly advise only eating yolks from healthy organic free ranging chickens. If you can find a local farm that treats their animals correctly you're gold. Raising your own is even better, if you can. Toxins accumulate in fat, thus if you buy factory farmed eggs they will be terrible for your health. Protein doesn't really accumulate any toxins like fats do though so you can use factory eggs as a cheap protein source if you wish.

  4. I love boiled eggs, with the yolk still runny, mashed up with a very small amount of butter and ground pepper. Delicious 😀 I have this breakfast, four eggs, two times per week.

  5. Not saying its right or wrong but I generally eat low carb. I do however eat about 8 whole eggs a day. I am almost 40 yrs old and after doing this for almost a year, I had a cholesterol screening. My results were fantastic. Triglycerides were great, LDL was good and HDL was very high. I have a big family history of heart disease too, but the doctor told me, whatever you're doing keep doing it.

  6. Can you make mixed routines like 10 min or 15 min chest and triceps or back and biceps at home and with weights .You're best guys💪💪💪

  7. I've been eating 3/day for lunch – taste good & cheap as hell. Thank you for doing this video – I saw some of the studies done (including the one where an 80+ year old had eaten 30 eggs a day for 20 years) and you just added to my peace of mind by supporting what they indicate. My sister makes no secret of the fact that she thinks this is terrible & is going to kill me within 6 months… On an unrelated note, I've lost 18 pounds since starting this a few months ago.

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