Who Says Eggs Aren't Healthy or Safe?

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  1. I recently added back eggs in moderation, after not eating a whole egg in months (I'd use an egg white occasionally in baking, but that was it). I scramble them, so they are cooked thoroughly and use fresh eggs (prevention of salmonella). I think I heard most ppl are consuming 200mg of cholesterol anyway from other sources (an egg has like 186mg) and as for saturated fat, those non-dairy creamers are loaded with it and other foods too. I got really sick after completely eliminating eggs, dairy, cheese…caught a cold that turned into bronchitis, couldn't talk…I'm still using almond milk and vegan cheese, but I'm willing to have some moderation with eggs in favor of protein! I also cook them with tons of veggies, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

  2. This video is misleading. Eggs have an Enzyme in them that zero out the Cholesteral. Same kind of enzyme in Eggplants. If you eat a eggplant with your meal it will lower the cholesterol. But the enzyme in eggs zeros out the cholesterol in eggs.

  3. …. Yet somehow the USDA organic sign gets slapped on all kinds of egg brands… Why's that?? I just need a good argument when I tell my family this news. I've been plant based for 4 years now but they think how I eat is bogus. Yet I wonder why I have the best cholesterol levels in a family history of high cholesterol hmmmmm beats me haha

  4. The united states Departmant of agriculture lolololol yup Goodluck everyone more than half of United States people are obese !!! Lol the USDA !!! Lolololololooololol morons

  5. It all depends how you cook the eggs, soft poached or scrambled you should have no problem but hey what do i know ? Jesus Christ people wake up man don’t just listen to anybody, Research research research !! Very difficult not to leave a comment !!! Goodluck and God Bless !!!

  6. Doctor, you talk in a very convoluted way and I LOVE your videos but in plain words I have a question. Due to genetics I have high LDL and tryglecyrides. Meanwhile for the past few months I have been eating 3 eggs per day and I exercise and I watch my diet. Please tell me, is this negative for my health?

  7. I have researched hundreds of YouTube videos on whether or not eggs are healthy. Some say yes some say no. I have by nature very high cholesterol. Until it is proven without a doubt that eggs are ok. I will stick with egg whites. Does dietary cholesterol contribute to blood cholesterol. ? Is the cholesterol in eggs an hdl contributor or an Ldl contributor?? Nobody seems to know

  8. I usualy eat 4 softboiled eggs for lunch, and 4 when coming home after work. I have done this for a couple of years now, and I have forget the name of my housedoctor, because I have not been sick for the last thirty years.

  9. Dr Greger, I've been a big fan of your work. Like many people, I'm confused about all the conflicting information in nutrition these days. I saw you on the Netflix doc What the Health. While your arguments are not without merit or evidence, I think it's more prudent to take a Bayesian approach to answer whether eggs are healthy or not. By this I mean that common sense says if we have 100 studies on egg intake vs mortality, and say, 95 of them show something akin to "eggs show no negative association with CVD", and 5 show something akin to "eggs ARE positively associated with CVD", then what should we conclude? As a Bayesian, my posterior belief updates whenever I see new evidence that either supports or refutes my prior belief.

    So let's say our prior belief is that eggs are bad for you. If we see several studies directly refuting that finding, we should update our belief in the opposite direction.

    Do a quick search on for "eggs cardiovascular disease" or "eggs mortality". The top several studies all show a recurring motif: no association

    So while I generally applaud your overall theme of encouraging people to adopt a more plant-based diet, there doesn't seem to be much evidence indicating that eggs are bad.

  10. The Freedom of Information Act is undervalued. And could have saved lives if those lives had cared about the Freedom of Information Act.

  11. No distinction between organic free-range eggs and the commercially produced ones? Or how about how they are prepared? Am not disagreeing with the commercial eggs produced with GMO/chemically produced feed & stressful, unsanitary conditions, but I cannot condemn the organic free-range ones!

  12. I have been fairly strictly plant-based for a couple of years, but I have been craving eggs lately. Not just here and there, but pretty much daily for a couple months. It wasn't a food I really loved a lot when it was a regular part of my diet. Does anyone have any theories?

  13. But if the egg is used in a vaccine, the Brazilian Government has the courage to say that it is safe … I will research about false advertising here, because neither vaccines are safe due to adjuvants, etc … Thanks for sharing!!

  14. This is absurd. There is a government department for the promotion of eggs and a government department for the promotion of health. Mutually exclusive concepts and a waste of time and money.

  15. Need to take a close look at what the Australian Heart Foundation is doing now, they are pushing the unlimited consumption of eggs, and of course meat and dairy. Seems like they moved the target down-under.

  16. I’ve watched a handful of these videos. Okay, maybe four handfuls of these videos. I applaud you, standing ovation Dr. Gregor. This topic, the research and all of your hard work for this just raised the ceiling. It’s not hard to believe that the USDA is corrupt, but you filled in all of the blanks. We cannot be fooled! Thank you for all that you do. If I was a billionaire- heck if I was half a millionaire I would throw all my money at you. But my measly self can only like, share, comment, and spread the word. Thank you thank you thank you.

  17. You made an argument that, “eggs are unsafe”. I’m sure there was an alternative point here…unless you ARE saying eggs are actually…”unsafe”. I love eggs. I buy mine from an Amish family, unwashed.

    I have very healthy HDL and extremely low LDL, no heart disease, I’m 45 and weigh 112lbs. I’ve eaten farm fresh eggs my entire lunch de (not created eggs from abused chickens, like the ones emphasized in this video). I eat eggs after a workout. I’m confused about what is NOT being share here about the healthy side of eggs, especially from pasture raised hens.

    Maybe a video on the health risks of sugar would be more affective. Our bodies don’t even digest simple sugars (of which they put I almost every food, including milks and meats), and the cancer risks associated with sugars.
    I’d love to see a video on that! 😊👍

  18. Should be an eye-opener for everyone! This video is going to be on top of my list. Too many people claim that starting the day with 2 eggs and nothing else is the best you can do for your health. LOL. They will get the link to this video by email. But I know for sure that they are going to tell me that "they won't have time to watch it". They are so busy with finding excuses for not even watching "What the Health", and I'm not even try making them read Dr.G's, Dr.McD's, Dr.NeilB's etc books. They rather watch reality shows or car races on TV, sitting on the couch for hours, and eating potato chips or buckets full of KFC garbage. And eat eggs. LOL

  19. Dr greger, I am truly disappointed in you for this .. Since when does the government through the FDA tell us what is nutritious and we believe them… And who told you that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad… The government right…

  20. man listen the government lie all the time. ima still. eat my eggs . the usda/fda want us to be sick that’s how they make there money . one prime example the government is bs the fda banned marijuana for years. saying it’s bad for you and etc .. they also said it’s ok to take chemotherapy for cancer when in fact chemo kill you faster then the cancer itself and marijuana kills the cancers safety …. DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT

  21. I ❤ the Freedom of Information Act. It's so underappreciated with all of this convient contractions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….).

  22. On the other hand, they do taste great. Couldn't resist 😉

    Thanks for the great video Dr. Greger. I used to eat 2 eggs every day for lunch along with a few pork sausages. While I knew the sausages were not healthy, I was of the perception that eggs were good for me and never felt bad eating them. Clearly I had a lot to learn. I will still enjoy my eggs but just once in a while

  23. I did a speech about veganism in my public speaking class. When I said that the USDA stated that eggs are not safe for consumption. She said "wrong. That's not true." So I told her "okay you got me. They said eggs can't be labeled as healthy" and she just kept saying I was wrong. So I told her to look at my sources. She still disagrees. I still don't know why

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