Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?

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  1. So if cranberries lessen cancer cell growth, and ethanol would lessen cancer cell growth, I should get bombed everyday to prevent cancer? Point is, that by the time food is digested, it is subjected to high stomach acid, and concluding that fruits prevent cancer cannot be made.

  2. I knew cranberries were super healthy.

    It's a shame though that cranberries can only be found in the local stores near Christmas time usually, unless they are dried out along with tons of sugar in them.

    The shame about lemons is that people might relate them to yellow teeth, so some people are afraid of having them as often as they should.

  3. Not true for Pineapple! it has proteolytic enzimes that strongly promote cancer apoptosis. Cancer cells has protein shield called fibrin and proteolytic enzimes break that shield so white blood cells can fight cancer cells.
    Search studies and you will see.
    Ginger, tumeric, parsley, kiwi, papaya all of these has proteolytic enzimes.
    Good luck.

  4. Does anyone have a recommendation of how to eat cranberry without dying from the tartness? Also how much cranberry did they use in this study?

  5. I wish I liked the taste of cranberries but I'm going to give them another chance. Maybe if I mixed them with pineapple?

  6. In my opinion the apples still win, since it’s much more pragmatic to eat one apple a day than same amount of lemon or cranberry. Thanks a lot for the priceless information 😀

  7. Wow! I put fresh cranberries in my smoothies when I have them – guess that's a good choice! I'll try and do it more often now. I also drink cranberry juice everyday. Thank you Dr Greger!!

  8. I don’t understand the significance of any material to kill cancer cells in a Petri dish… unless that material is injected into the cancer. In the real world, we eat the apple (or whatever) which is then digested, (broken down by powerful acids into its constituent parts), absorbed and by the time it gets to the cancer cell may or may not bear ANY resemblance to the original material.

    This is a fundamental question. What is the answer?

  9. does anybody eat the inside of the lemon? if so, what is the nutritional facts from eating the whole lemon even the inside? ..please..thanks!

  10. What is the effect of the acidity of the petri dish environment on the cancer cells? What is the effect of sugar content? Cancer cells in our body don't live in a petri dish…they never come in contact with acidity pH 2 nor 5% sugar solution…

  11. Dr. Greger > I REALLY LOVE your channel. I've only truly been vegan for only 4 months and have been checking out other nutrition/vegan channels. Yours has more direct and concise communication (easily accessible info) to the topic and supporting data than I've seen on other channels. This is information I can really USE in my daily choices/action. Thanks so much!

  12. Cranberries are native to the US. Sucks that they're super tart instead of sweet. The only way to eat them is to blend them with other berries

  13. Start the day off with lemon and water, then for breakfast either green smoothie pack with kale or organic oatmeal with bananas and strawberries. Unfortunately, I can't find fresh cranberries.

  14. What about raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kumquats? It's not easy to get cranberries where I live, but I have easy access to these other berries.

  15. If you take R form Alpha Lipoic Acid with a Vegan, no processed food diet (oil is processed {a message to readers not Mr. Greger}), and get some exercise every day you will kick Type-2 diabetes ass. You will have a 50% drop in neuropathy in at least 15 days. The burning, tingling, muscle weakness symptoms will be reduced in 2 days. This statement is only backed by personal experience, and small studies.

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