Which Are Better Hemp Seeds Or Flax Seeds? Dr Michael Greger

Which are better for you, hemp seeds or flax seeds? Which contain more omega 3? Which contain more protein? Which does Dr Michael Greger recommend …

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  1. I travel and it’s difficult for me to grind the flax seeds. Consequently, I consume flax seeds to improve my omega6/omega3 ratio.

  2. Flaxseed is better based on its 4:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. Since omega 3 fatty acids counteract the inflammatory effects of omega 6's, it's best to keep this ratio as high as possible. BTW, there's no such thing as a "hempseed"; the hemp plant is the male cannabis plant. Male plants produce pollen, not seeds. It's the female cannabis plant (i.e., the marijuana plant) that produces seeds. Marijuana seeds have many fewer omega 3's than omega 6's, so I would consume them only in moderation.

  3. Hemp seeds are healthier they are the healthiest foods in the world currently so this video is wrong, there is statements from experts that say hemp seed cures cancer and the reason it's being hog washed is due to pharmaceutical companies and governments losing money because cancer is a money making business. bastards

  4. This is dumb, add both to your diet, they're both full of nutrients, not sure why a video about nutrition would be making a point to chose between the two.

  5. Lol this is dumb, they are both good in different ways; why not have both in your diet as opposed to one or the other. Though I do eat a serving of hemp almost daily.

  6. flax is a hybrid, has estrogenic effects and has high amount of phytates so its nutrients are barely digestible. hemp has Little to no phytates so its nutrition is highly digestive, also has chlorophyll which cleanses the body, blood and lymphs. hemp > any other seed

  7. This is an extremely inaccurate video.. it totally discredits hempseeds and hempseed oil. Overall health wise the hemp seed/oil is better then both flaxseed and chai.

  8. I've read that our digestive system isn't meant to process whole seeds. If you're going to eat seeds, grind them up and mix them with other fatty nuts and oils

  9. Thanks v much for your short informative posts, really easy to get a quick answer on something, Awesome!!!! 🙂

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