What’s In Taco Bell Meat?

Taco Bell has published a helpful guide regarding the nature of its taco filler, which it says consist of 88% “Premium Beef” combined with 12% “Signature Recipe …

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  1. Boil in bag ground beef when you pull up the hot bag after its done it has an inch of grease on top of it be careful cutting it open the grease is hot 😒😒😒

  2. All meats that are seasoned have other ingredients.Tgus is a stupid ignorant brood.Apples have arsenic in it but we don't eat enough of it to cause harm.

  3. The last time I ate at Taco Bell I had projectile vomiting. I had to go to an Emergency Room. I never experienced it before or again. I HAVE NEVER EATEN AT TACO BELL SINCE AND NEVER WILL!!!

  4. A quick look at malto dextrin vs dextros aka sugar on google shows the 1st is a blend of multiple sugars, same with salts…

  5. The girl doesn’t know mouth feel is, obviously she’s never tasted a wine in her entire life beyond that of yellow tail….

  6. first of all, maltodextrin can be derived from corn.
    that lady just throws in "genetically modified" and "chemicals" like it really is something to worry about.
    water is a chemical, y'all. s c a r y

  7. too many quips and chuckles comingled with purported fact. based on your presentation choices, I can't tell what's fact or opinion. so I tuned out instead. my $.02

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