What Happens When You Eat Broccoli Everyday! Dr Michael Greger

What happens to the body when you eat 1 head/stalk of broccoli a day? Why is broccoli so healthy for us? What effect does broccoli have on our body and DNA?

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  1. if you eat everythig Dr Gegor recommends every day u will literally explode. How many eat 1/4 as much broccolli/day as this study? if Dr. Gregor were less disingenuous he'd note that we can take one indole3 carbinol pill and a servings of greens powder, get virtually the same benefit at 1/20 the volume of food.

  2. So this man says Broccoli is good for you yet there are articles out there saying that it is bad for you. sigh I hate this planet so much. I swear Either scientist really can't agree on what's good for us or there's some serious misinformation going around these days.

  3. I love broccoli, I began eating frozen broccoli everyday. then i eventually started getting organic broccoli then i ended up ordering a giant broccoli and now i have intercourse with broccoli. I ended up building a broccoli

  4. Love, love steam broccoli with onions, peppers, vegetarian beans, carrots sprinkled with flax seed and cayenne pepper for a little kick😋😋😋

  5. Love broccoli. My favorite way of eating it is as a soup. Boil, add to processor and use the boil water to desired consistency, season, voila

  6. I just ate a whole bowl full of raw broccoli and now I'm stuck on the toilet with violent diarrhoea and pain

  7. I'm in love with broccoli I steam it and eat it several times a day with lots of turmeric powder which is so awesome and very filling. I'm not hungry for hours or like 10 hours. I can't stop eating it and won't stop because I love it so much! I can eat a whole bag and it's only like 30 calories amazing superfood!

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