What About Coconuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil MCTs?

Do the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil and the fiber in flaked coconut counteract the negative effects on cholesterol and artery function? Subscribe to …

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  1. coconut is a plant stop talking about coconut oil and talk about coconut milk a coconut a whole coconut is a good food to consume i dont think its bad for you

  2. I've written off oil, but I enjoy a sprinkle of coconut flakes in a batch of cookies or coconut milk in an infrequent curry. I still have some old oil I used to bake with, and now I put some in my hair before a shower and the results are amaaaaaazing. Cheap af stuff for such a wonderful outcome.

  3. But what are we talking about here it's not clear if its hydrogenated coconut oil, or organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, this is very important

  4. I’ll be avoiding it all. After learning oils like Olive oils are basically no nutritional value, it’s best to avoid them all.

  5. This is all based on the assumption that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease or mortality of any kind. I don't eat coconut oil, but I'd rather have the whole food high fat traditional local meal than the frosted flakes meal. Sometimes we need to just take a step back and view things from 10,000ft.

  6. @4:50: "… coconut oil is mainly lauric and myristic, which have potent LDL – bad cholesterol – raising effects. Coconut oil should therefore not be advised for people who should or want to reduce their risk of the number one killer of U.S. men and women, heart disease."

    Is this true?
    "Medium chain fatty acids, and especially lauric acid, do a really good job of raising the good HDL cholesterol and lowering the ratio of LDL to HDL, changes which should boost heart health. … The increase in HDL cholesterol induced by lauric acid is higher than the increase in LDL and thus the total cholesterol:HDL ratio was decreased when lauric acid was used to replace carbohydrates"

  7. That study didn't test coconut milk, it tested coconut milk eggs and fish. That's not justification for the claim that coconut milk is as bad as a mcmuffin

  8. For those who are worried about using coconut milk in coffee don’t be! I switched to using coconut milk 4yrs ago and my LDL triglycerides HDL and total cholesterol all NORMAL!

  9. I was looking for information on BHB Salt supplements and could not find any video's on your channel on the topic. What's your thoughts about Exogenous Ketones/BHB Salt supplements?

  10. Not that you would, but if you had to choose an appropriate oil to go along with a ketogenic diet, what would you choose as the least damaging? Is Extra Virgin Olive better? How about avocado oil? Would that be your best choice?

  11. Some vegans like myself consume zero cholesterol and very little fat. It was wrong of you not to include a study about coconut milk and plant based diets. The one you included had eggs in it. And you make light of the egg as if all that fat and cholesterol in the egg doesn’t completely alter the results… I agree comparing whole coconut consumption makes little sense so why did you include it? It’s as if you included a study on eating corn when talking about corn syrups. Smh. There was probably plenty more studies from Thailand and other countries that consume coconut milk. Also there are different fat level in coconut milk just like dairy milk. And there is also coconut milk ice cream which has both oil and milk..

  12. So you're saying that coconut oil being without the fiber of coconuts is the reason for high cardio vascular events in this country? This is not very credible to me, but you are the one making the videos not me.

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