We Tried Culver’s — The Midwest Burger Chain That’s All About Butter

Culver’s is a Midwest burger chain that’s all about butter. It is the home to the famous Butterburger and the Wisconsin classic cheese curd. We tried it ourselves, …

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  1. Culver’s fries are the best. Their fish sandwich is also the best. In Wisconsin, you will find better cheese curds but Culver’s are still pretty good

  2. Culvers is literally like 5 minutes from my house. It's such an increadibly good place to get food, it's afordable, and so much better than other mainstream fast food places.

  3. I have not been to a culvers since I was in Job copse over 18 years ago. I just found out there is one here in ohio about 40 minutes away. I can't wait to make the trip out and have a burger and curds and well I am getting fatter just thinking of it.

  4. The more they start these ventures, the more our future would look like 'Wall-E'. Actually come to think of it, the US is already there, without the spaceship Arks.

  5. its not just their burgers and cheese curds that are good, almost everything i've tried from there has been great, including their custard which is heavenly

  6. just had it a couple of hours ago and i was not impressed one bit , to compare it to in n out is insane , wouldnt bother me one bit if ever had it again

  7. Sorry but Culver's is a cheaper version of a butter burger, but NOT the same as a REAL butter burger. They use way, way less butter than a REAL butter burger so if you want to experience the REAL thing then I suggest going to Wisconsin and eat one then you will have something to base your taste off of. I live in St Louis Missouri (where there are Culver's restaurants) and have tried the butter burger and it's not even close sorry.

  8. We just came back from Orlando and stayed near a Culver's. I fell in love with their Swiss Mushroom Burger…TO DIE FOR! Best burger I've had!!!

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