Vitamins: do you need supplements?

Should we be taking vitamin and mineral supplements? There is, unfortunately, no simple answer. Registered dietitian Daphna Steinberg says that for most …

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  1. You don’t need a doctor to tell you what you are deficient in. Don’t eat Garlic? Take a Garlic supplement. Don’t eat Cinnamon? Take a Cinnamon supplement. Don’t eat fruit? Take a Vitamin C supplement. Pretty simple stuff

  2. If you eat a proper diet and not fruit loops and hop pockets, pretty much all processed food, you should not waste your money on vitamins, you just pee your money in the toilet. Get off processed food, diet drinks, and fat free foods, its killing you.

  3. I loves the Supplement Made by Natures Brands Phyto vitamins series,Those all are organically made with real fruits and Vegetables and veggie capsules as well.
    I absolutely recommend their Supplements.

  4. good luck getting nutritional advice from your MD..they have no knowledge and RARELY trained..Drs usually equal drugs….not a fan of DRs when it comes to body maintenance I use natural methods…if i ever get into a car accident or have a broken arm THEN go to a MD but otherwise they are frigging useless ego manians.

  5. Short answer: Yes, Vitamin supplements will usually benefit the person taking it; but if the person is healthy with a healthy good diet which provides all the vitamins they need, then no it isn't needed and a lot of excess of certain vitamins can cause issues. However, I'll presume the majority of people do not have such good diets or health (I mean most people can't even stay hydrated for a full day), so most people should probably use vitamin supplements every now and then, maybe not daily but a few times a week will keep levels topped up enough for most.

  6. Way to assume everyone has a Dr to ask. 🤔 We don't have health insurance, which is why we are here looking for answers!! 😣

  7. I feel like nowadays doctors are not interested in having intelligent conversations. All they care about is figuring out your insurance and making sure that they get paid.

  8. I dont trust doctor at all with the supplement. About 90% of doctors are overweight or very unhealthy and know nothing about diet. If you eat a lot of sugar and you get sick, the doctors would only cure your symptom not your life style diet. And that is what lacking in doctors knowledge. Never Ever TRUST doctor with supplements unless you go to a proper clinic that check your vitamin efficiency and GUT health and more like exercise

  9. That's all I ever hear is eat a healthy diet etc.??? what about those who NEVER HAVE & NEVER WILL!?! like me!. like probably most people who look towards supplements to maybe help??? Do they help those people who are most likely Deficient???…

  10. Wow this was painful and inaccurate! Most traditional Drs know nothing about vitamins or who they work together and and such. I've spent 20 years having Dr.s attempting to "fix" symptoms and medicate it while the truth realy is, it all revolved around poor gut health and most ppl have poor gut health unless you eat super healthy organic diet only since you were a child, you never touched antibiotics, if you are a women, you were never on the pill, you never had prolong stress or any infection or environmental toxins. I've battled my whole life with anxiety, depression and bipolar and yes, the right vitamins in higher dosage are very helpful. Lets not forget the power of magnesium, something Drs do poorly at testing therefore get the wrong results. Over the years i've learned the right questions to ask a doctor and learned pretty quick that they are in a deep ignorant bubble funded by multi billion dollar pharma industries and that is ALL they know.  I've gotten so many admitting they didn't actually know what was wrong or how something worked. Some get defensive as they don't like to be questioned. the body is a very complex system that needs every single part to work together and nutrition is one, but the right supplements is also crucial. With our foods highly processed loaded with toxic garbage, GMOs, MSG, fillers and meats loaded with antibiotics, most ppl need so much vitamins to heal, let along maintain good health.  

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