VEGAN Fast Food Choices!

McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Panera & more! - Mind Over Munch

Today I share a follow up video to my previous Healthy Fast Food Choices video to share some vegan options at 15 different fast food chains!

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  1. french fries are "FRIED", not exactly "HEALTHY"!!
    BTW You are "ADORABLE" as you are "INFORMABLE", which is why I subscribes to your channel!!!

  2. During the first two years of being vegan I ate from a few of these places except McDonalds. Overtime these foods nearly killed me. Much of this food is processed. I had to go thru a healing process..these foods wrecked havoc on my gut. So, I am now preparing all my meals fresh from scratch. Research all ingredients in these processed foods and you would be blown away!

  3. Wendy's is fail with the cheese being default. I ordered a hamburger. I specifically said hamburger but on the ticket it was listed as a cheeseburger. They seemed really mad that I clarified it later.

    I said hamburger. If your touch screen doesn't have it, they need to be sure to ask if you want cheese or not.

  4. The apple pie at McDonald's is vegan. Which goes great with coffee. Breakfast idea tip. But, their fries are not vegan. Other pies in the market that are vegan are Sara Lee's frozen apple pie and Krispy Kremes cherry pie. Burger Kings fries is the only vegan food they have.

  5. Subway has veggie patty and it tastes quite good! But it is not vegan as it includes dairy/egg according to their nutrition info.

  6. I've been vegan for almost ten years now, and what my experience has taught me is to always carry a healthy snack in your purse. Take a pre made meal with you if you're going out with friends or family. There's not a lot of fast food that's healthy, and you can't always trust the ingredients list. So be prepared to always eat traces of animal products that may or may not be in your food. That's the world for you. Nothing is pure. Get over it. I hate that veganism is a trend, because I see all these people that don't know what the fuck they're doing and they over complicate things when the solution is simple. Don't eat out. Relax and always have something to eat with you. Stop expecting everyone to cater to your needs, the world doesn't owe you anything. You made the choice of eating this way. Be responsible for your own food.

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