If you hadn’t heard already, Carls Jr. & Del Taco both teamed up with Beyond Meat to create a vegan product on both of their menus. Carls Jr created the …

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  1. The burger is waaaaay better than the taco. I’ve had both. The burger is more authentic tasting. The taco, to me tasted pretty gross.

  2. Unhealthy fried food. Vegans eating whole foods are having a hard enough time digesting food you shouldn't be promoting this processed crap

  3. I've had the Carl's Jr beyond burger and I have to say that it is the best vegan burger I have ever had. It has the same flame broiled taste just like how a beef burger tastes. I love that there are more choices for vegans now.

  4. Tbh I cant stand taco bel although they are very vegan friendly out of most fast food joints the quality of their food is bland to my taste buds. I definitely rep the taco bell 100%. Anything with meat I always replace with beans and i can 100% say that taco bells beans are safe for the vegan,pescatarian/ other none animal eating diets. I'm pescatarian so it is easier to find foods when out at a food joint that suits my diet, but not all places (fast food) have much to offer on the none meat category so I'm excited about the beyond meat burger at Carl's. Considering I havnt had a vegan burger in so long, which would have to be reached from restaurants

  5. Thrilled to see all the vegan grub hitting the mass market world wide! Please support these products! Soon there will be more options and healthier ones… but only if we vote with our dollars!
    Go vote vegans!

  6. FYI – I just called Carl’s Jr. and they grill the Beyond burgers on the same grill with the meat. Hope this helps.

  7. good call ordering no cheese or mayo. i was convinced by the texture of thing i was eating gristle just like a low quality hamburger, but kept chewing and it totally dissolved. nothing stuck in my teeth and i have at 4 cavities. taste is subtle which you only find in the freshest meat paddies. so what they have done is create an extreme quality product. looking into other articles that threaten breast cancer from the ingredients; its good to know competition will lie to keep a stock price down. again highest quality achieved by being incredibly non-offensive and i will try to find del taco, order 4 no cheese tacos to see if it competes.

  8. Unfortunately it is pretty normal. I was in Kentucky last year and they have the impossible burgers at White Castles. It was expensive as well, and, they pretended they didn't know how to prepare it. I had to have them put it in the microwave, believe it or not. Thanks for doing the video.

  9. No Carl's Jr./Hardees or DelTaco on the east coast. But there is White Castle, which has the Impossible Burger and it's only $2. Have you had the Impossible Burger? It's a different company than Beyond, and also, Impossible only does restaurant/food service, so you can't get an Impossible at the grocery store.

  10. Now that I’m hungry for food chains we don’t have on the east coast 😂 but really promising to see those places get some good vegan choices!

  11. Yummy! I love Del Taco and those looked great 🙂 It is good that the burger was a Thick Solid Tight burger 😛 Wouldnt have it any other way?

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