Top 10 Untold Truths Of Panera Bread!

Do you know the Top 10 Untold Truths Of Panera Bread? 35 years ago, Panera Bread grew from a single cookie shop into a chain of over two thousand …

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  1. I used to be a supervisor at a panera trust me they switch labels to make food last longer which was enforced by General Manager
    All soups are frozen in bags ,
    More than 90% of baked goods are are frozen as well

  2. Untold truths about Panera:

    1.They don't do dick about employees if they harass you.

    2. Employees get their pick of goods before the homeless ever do.

    3. Lazy about promoting good workers or allowing transfers to other stores.

    4. They use the same damn bowls every salad, in certain bowls per salad type, but they sit out a good 3 hours or so to mix salads in. Hope you love bacteria!

    5. Soups are flash frozen, thermalized, and turned 'hot'.

    6. Dishes are soaked in sinks full of food from everyone else's plates, then sent to a dishwasher machine. Sometimes food sticks to the plate, silverware, whatever it is, and they just scrape it off then say it's been 'sanitized'.

  3. “Skilled bakers”
    Sure if you can call it that.. it’s literally just any person that they train not some chef straight out of culinary school..

  4. I'm in training at Panera and we don't even have a microwave at ours lmao soups/pastas are kept in a huge hot steamer and the sandwhiches are all heated in the ovens :')

  5. When Panera Bread first started out, they marketed themselves as healthy and clean food when in fact they were not. It wasn’t until Food Babe call them out on all of their unhealthy ingredients like preservatives, food colorings and dyes artificial ingredients, etc., and then they owned up to the lies and said they would indeed have real clean foods by a certain time frame which took a few years to do so and they did just that. So if Food Babe, Varni Hari, would have never put them on blast, they probably would still be marketing themselves clean and fresh food restaurant. Food Babe is the woman behind cleaning up many major companies like Kraft Food for taking out those food numbers food colorings in Macaroni and Cheese, Cheerios for removing gluten and other bad ingredients.also, fast food chains like Subway who was adding a chemical in their breads along with many other companies and restaurant chains and this chemical was a softer that was used in tires, yoga Matt’s, etc. in addition to the tire Matt chemical in Subway bread, Subway food was ALL GMO’s too! Everything was tainted in their stores! Look up Food and you will be amazed at all of her accomplishments she has made over the years cleaning up our food industries and restaurants. She is most definitely our Food Hero and deserves a standing ovation for a job well done! Thank you Vani Hari, aka Food Babe! 😊🥰👍🏽

  6. Damn, idk what panera bread yall work at, but all of our stuff is fresh. The bakers are over night workers and the pastries are the last thing they bake to theyre fresh. The pastas and soups are frozen. Our cafe is always clean, etc. management are the fuckin best people in the world 😂 yall are making panera bread seem like trash. Yall just dont like working lmaoo

  7. 1) our scrambled and white eggs come from a carton…. regular over easy eggs are fresh though
    2) our dough and sweets are frozen and thawed for the bakers
    3) most of not all employees don’t even eat on the menu. We get creative back there
    4) the avocados are kept refrigerated on the line, yea their pre cut but it’s not like they’re sitting out at room temp
    5) all pastries and breads are donated at the end of the night to churches and organizations
    6) the food is healthier then other restaurants BUT the menu is PACKED with sodium
    7) oatmeal can be sold all day bc it’s just microwaved

  8. I work at Panera and the avocado rumors are completely false. They don’t “stay out for hours”. We leave them whole in a chilled container that is kept at a constant cool temperature.

  9. Panera was healthy till they kill my sister in law back in 2015 leaving old cookies 🍪 that had peanut 🥜 in the cookies and didn’t say nothing about it and she is allergic to peanuts so because of that she died. And the Panera restaurant is in Philadelphia. So f🤬ck Panera .

  10. Been working at panera bread for a couple months now but I do gotta say the management isn’t all that great. They use one person for sandwiches making instead of 2 during rush hour.

  11. 11) while profit margins are exponentially higher than other restaurants, the employees make even less than your average fast food place
    12) the employees are generally miserable and treated poorly, both by management and the average Panera customer
    13) the meat is disgusting in that it's presliced and frozen and color is added (the steak is too bloody)
    14) all of the "stories" are true – pasta is frozen & microwaved, meat is processed, all produce comes from single factories and are not sourced locally or fresh
    15) I knew many employees that were forced to work 14+ hours a day with only 30 minute breaks, and when giving new availability, were lied to and it was never actually changed
    16) personally, they scheduled me during school hours and then gave me formal write ups when I couldn't come in. they also lied to me as in #15
    17) the smoothies are made from juice concentrates, shipped in from Florida frozen and pureed
    18) the drinks are also made of juice concentrate, and poured into bubblers that advertise "100% real fruit, made fresh every day" – the bubblers were never cleaned & drinks sat in them for weeks
    19) the espresso is basically coffee
    20) the brownies are literally unwrapped & put on display to sell for a 200% price markup, and that's not an anomaly
    21) when our produce expired, we put new stickers on it

    I'm sure the company itself doesn't try to be the way it is, but creating a stressful working environment and requiring underpaid managers (they are paid less than hourly Walmart associates and work 50+ hours a week) to achieve unattainable fast-food goals causes everyone to suffer.

  12. Nice video, except where do you find a Panera Bread? I live in Reno, NV, they keep telling us the economy is booming here and we're hearing for the past 3 or 4 years that Panera Bread is coming to our region… Yet, nothing.

  13. I love how you fail to mention the portion size compared to the price. I get what they're trying to, but the price for half of an ordinary sized wonder bread looking sandwich should not be as much as a Subway's footlong. GTFO, Panera.

  14. Hey BabbleTop Just one slight thing which I feel like needs to be corrected in a future video if possible People on the Ketogenic Diet or " Keto" Diet worry mainly about carbahydrates or "Carbs" Calories are not really a concern on that diet since its a high-fat low carb diet. So at places like Panera someone on the Keto diet would not be able to have any bread of any kind. and would need to ask an employee if they knew the Carb counts of any of the foods just to be safe. I am not trying to come down on anyone but knowing the correct facts is better than misinforming someone. Great Video BabbleTop!

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