Top 10 Untold Truths Of Chili’s!!!

Do you know all the Top 10 Untold Truths Of Chili’s? Chili’s Grill & Bar serves up Tex-Mex appetizers and entrées in a casual dining atmosphere. In 1975, the very first Chili’s opened for business in Texas. The initial Chili’s concept, which was created by company founder, Larry Levine, was all about offering full-service, casual dining. In 1983, the company’s founder sold off the eateries to a businessman named Norman E. Brinker, who used to work for Pillsbury’s restaurant group. These days, the restaurant offers a host of tasty choices to patrons, but there’s a lot that most people don’t know about Chili’s. So let’s dive into the interesting secrets about this beloved restaurant eating chain and uncover the list of the top 10 untold truths of Chili’s. 

Chili’s Grill & Bar, Founded March 13, 1975 by Larry Lavine, is an American casual dining restaurant chain that features Tex-Mex-style American cuisine. It is currently owned and operated by Brinker International. Chili’s first location, was a converted postal station on Greenville Ave. in the Vickery Meadows area of Dallas, Texas

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0:53 Are the Drinks at Chili’s Watered Down?
2:21 Many Chili’s Customers Don’t Have Room for Dessert
4:10 Wait Times for Service at Chili’s Can Be an Issue
5:37 Microwaves are a Chili’s Kitchen Staple
6:53 Some of the Chili’s Food is Healthier Than You Might Imagine
8:07 Some of the Chili’s Food is Loaded with Calories
9:23 Dishes at Chili’s May Not Always Be Sparkling-clean
10:50 The Chili’s Staff Up-sell Alcohol to Grab Bigger Tips
12:27 The Chili’s Secret Baby Back Ribs Sauce Is No Longer a Secret
13:47 Kids Have Accidentally Been Served Alcoholic Drinks at Chili’s

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  1. Although I enjoyed the overall presentation, mocking the heartbroken father who was crying from being separated from his child was callous and cold-hearted. Suicide is a leading cause of death among fathers who are routinely separated from their children by corrupt family courts. I'm going to guess that this enterprise is a Feminist movement endeavor. I hope karmic retribution comes to you soon. Unsubscribe MGTOW men. They laugh at our pain and our children's!

  2. your sources are terrible. at least five of your "truths" are just one person who made a complaint and made it publicly enough for it to get attention. you are not educating people. you are spreading shit for ratings. please try to have more integrity when you are researching your facts… a few people saying their drinks were watered down???? come on. you would fail both a journalism class and an ethics class with this video. congrats on getting 67,000 views. that is the number of people you are misleading.
    and no. i have nothing to do with chili's. i just hate irresponsible journalism. (and do not pretend you don't have a responsibility to the truth)

  3. I only ate desserts when I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch and I only ate it once because I always eat baby back ribs and it tasted good but I am thin as fuq

    Edit: Holy fuqing shit the youtuber replied to my comment

  4. My dad works at chili’s and I’ve been in the kitchen many of times and have never seen anyone use the microwaves they have them but they barely use them all I see is workers putting chicken on grills and frying food

  5. 1:33 booze is not expensive. The food cost in restaurants is way higher and add in the spoilage and waste, restaurants lose money on food and make it up in booze. Using well liquor with a bottle cost of around $4 and squeezing 20+ shots out of that bottle at around $3-5 a drink, most restaurants make loot from the booze.

  6. I worked at chili's for years. So let me correct this video a bit.
    1. Frozen food is NOT heated in a hot pan.
    And yes there are microwaves which are used pretty much only for steamed veggies. Oh and rice so yeah I don't recommend the rice its pretty bland anyways.
    2. Any "house" drink anywhere you go is most likely pretty watered down.
    3. And yea as a server we absolutely upsell drinks because we don't receive a paycheck it goes to taxes. So yeah a bigger check means bigger tips. Wherever ur getting 12$ an hour for serving is mind blowing because in the state of Indiana you get 2.13 an hour!! Which like I said goes to taxes.
    4. I've worked in several restaurants and if u have to wipe the dish clean that just means the dishwasher didn't change the water. Thats any restaurant not just Chili's.
    5. And high calorie foods… Uuh duh it's called eating at ANY CHEAP RESTAURANT!
    6. Servers don't just go around serving kids alcohol. It was an AWFUL mistake.. But it could have happened anywhere.

  7. I work as a fryer at Chillis people just have to be wait and be chill. A little bit we can get up to like 15 orders at once. On a busy day

  8. Damn seeing a lot of bad experiences in the comments. My local chili's seems to always be on their game then. I haven't had a single bad experience yet and I visit most Sundays for happy hour.

  9. Health info in this video is completely wrong.. Calories from sugar and bread (Carbs) are what you need to avoid. Saturated fat is not a bad thing either..

  10. I don't think i've ever had an exceptional experience any time i've been forced to go to chili's. I'd rather spend my money on a local restaurant with a good rep

  11. How are you going to title a video of 10 untold truths and after every truth tell us it's 1 person's opinion? That sounds like slander and defamation with no substance; especially since the other "untold" videos I've seen don't seem like you're attacking them.

  12. Dude I love chili’s. It’s SO MUCH FOOD. I believe I’m gonna make it carry out from now on. I can never even get to the entre after I devour the delicious sides

  13. Drinks at Chili's…I went to Chili's in McAllen TX while on a trip, and asked for a glass of wine with my meal. The waitress said, "We don't serve liquor on Sunday." Really, wine isn't liquor. After a couple of minutes the same waitress delivered beer to another table. I was unhappy for two reasons. One, I had waited for more than half an hour for my meal, and two, I could have been offered beer if they were so convinced wine is liquor. I walked out. I don't need some freaky self righteousness from Chili's.

  14. Your claim that Chilis does not post their nutrition facts online is a false statement. They have a Nutrition Info option at the bottom of their website…

  15. I’m going to go off topic. I went to Chili’s last Saturday and the restaurant looked packed, but when we walked in there was a lot of tables that were empty. And a section that was closed. I’m a millennial. Our generation is getting lazy to go out. I know it sucks, but I love the dining experience.

  16. Stopped going to chillies a few years back because i was sat and waited for 20 minutes for a waiter, at 15 mintues the manager started sweeping some spilt food saw me and ignored me . After i yelled at awaiter for service they sent me meat screwed on a metal tree and still raw. Never again rather go to Applebee's

  17. I had the full rack of BBQ RIBS, had to send back my food 3 xs because it was cold. The manager gave us $45.00 in coupons to make up for the crap, I gave the coupons rite back. CHILIS SUCKS PIG BALLS. This add is total BULLSHIT. FALSE ADVERTISING.

  18. You babbled on way too long.  Ever Chili's I have eaten at has been terrible.   That is why I stopped at two.  Number 1 untold truth, now told, Chili's sucks

  19. Busting bars and pubs for watering down drinks is the reason why i carry a hydrometer and a tall skinny container in my pocket when I go to a new place the first time!… And I am not afraid to announce it to everybody in the establishment when I do find out there doing that as well.

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