Tomato Health Benefits!

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  1. i was just eating a box of small tomatos, cause there alot right now and if i dint they would rot away… they taste good, small crunchy burst of red shit – so i decided to see the health benefit good to see its healthy i mean all fruits and veggies are healthy but yea…. good fibre i hope, it funny cause whenver i bring a big tomato to school people tihnk im crazy, its basically eating a soft apple

  2. I dried the leaves of my tomatoes in my garden then got me some of the rolling paper from the smoke shop,
    It’s better and way cheaper than buying a cigarettes.

  3. I am sick and tired of hearing these nutrition experts saying that GMO Tomatoes or vegetables are bad for you it's. total BS. there is actually no proof to back up those claims

  4. persimmons is a great fruit I enjoy them, I would also want to learn more about them as a 10 year old I love these fruits and health benefits that come in it…..I call persimmons baby pumpkins it is the kids life 🙂

  5. Grape tomatoes are my favorite. Excellent for salads and soups. I put several in my lentil soup. Tyler, I liked what you said about them for bone health. No one on my mom's side has ever broken a bone. When I was a kid, my mom gave me plenty and not just in spaghetti sauce. My friends thought it was odd how many tomatoes and mushrooms we ate. The worst accidents I had as a kid were falling down 2 flights iof stairs and getting hit with a baseball on my shin. I heard that baseball hit my shin hard, too, but no broken bones. As an adult, I've escaped 2 cars as a pedestrian. One I was literally hit in a crosswalk by an oncoming truck. Low speed, but I was tossed across the street onto the pavement. The other I ran to avoid an oncoming car that never saw me. I knew he didnt, but I got caught in some sandals running and slid on the pavement like ice when I fell. A few scratches the first time, a bloody knee the second, but no broken bones. With these, I have to say I think my Guardian Angels were on patrol,too😀

  6. Hey ActiveBeat I would Love to see a video on the fruit Persimmons they look like tomatoes but yellow and i don't think many people are familiar with them and id like to learn a little more about them from you guys! 😀

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