TMJ In The USA! Season 3 Day 11: MTS Nutrition Warehouse Tour | Mr Olympia Tour 2015

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  1. Thoughts on these ideas for MTS flavors

    boston cream pie
    toasted coconut
    pecan pie
    peanut butter and jelly
    white chocolate macadamia nut
    rum cake
    strawberry shortcake/cheesecake

  2. In your opinion, what's the best preworkout for mental focus and pump? Not so much considering the energy

  3. Do ya'll plan to visit Houston in the future?
    I love your channel's content so much! I remember when I first stumbled upon it from searching for a cellucor bcaa review.That new warehouse looks sick and yall were hilarious as usual. "No one reads that shit" lol I did. I really appreciate hearing it verbally from joe because it shows your authenticity.
    -coming to you from Katy, Texas… Stay massive.

  4. Marc
    We had a saying in the Army when we were deployed. A 5 is a 10 combat queen. When we are gone for 12 months at a time the 5's become 9-10's UGH the life and trails of combat just saying

  5. If you want beef then bring the ruckus!! Wu-Tang clan aint nothing ta fuck wit!

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