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This week, I’ve Been Thinking we could all try a little tenderness. I know we ar…

This week, I’ve Been Thinking we could all try a little tenderness. I know we are taught to allow fear to be a motivator, but what if tenderness is the motivator we need to heal the cracks in our society—the cracks that we are all responsible for, and yet all capable of healing?

For more of what I’ve Been Thinking, the News & Views Above the Noise, and to hear from some of the most inspirational voices you need to know right now, read this week’s edition of @thesundaypaper. Let me know what you’ve been thinking in the comments below, and let me know how it feels to try out being tender on this beautiful Sunday!☕️

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  1. You need to spread the word. Today is all about fear and distrust and hate. Especially re the upcoming election. 👏

  2. Maybe you Hollywood people should tell your Democratic Party to be a little nicer and work for the American people instead of wasting our tax money

  3. I loved your Sunday Paper today. They’re all wonderful but today really was special and spoke to me…❤️

  4. I’m in a strange space. LA County says they care but don’t care about the costs incurred by them altering my home title. I asked for mediation & they care but prefer I sue them or protest & riot How nice

  5. Completely agree. As I reflected on your article, I realized I had deeply experienced the power of tenderness during the first half of the year as I began caretaking for two of my elders when Covid arrived. I learned especially that tenderness is such a powerful gift to ourselves as well as others. Thanks, Maria, for your beautiful weekly reflections. 💜🙏

  6. You’re one of my favorite humans!!!! Always superseding love and positivity! 😊❤️

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