Thinking of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist? Watch this first!

In this video, I’m sharing my answer to a question I get asked at LEAST once a week: Where do you go to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, and did you …

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  1. I have been considering his course for about 2 years but never knowing where to start. I do reiki and have also studied foot reflexology.but after a brush with skin cancer and this global pandemic I do believe " food is thy medicine " also looking to learn more about aromatherapy and herbs … thank you !

  2. Me and my beloved are moving to Canada next year, I wish to study this course part time.. do you have any idea if any student visa allow me to do.. or study virtually

  3. Are there restrictions on the advice you can give since you aren’t a dietitian ?

  4. Hello lovely. Interestingly I found your video through searching A holistic nutrition course from a online school called AFPA. What are your thoughts on this course just from visiting the website? Much love!

  5. Hey can u still get certified even when you are pursuing a different degree ??

  6. Holistic nutrition professional. Are you allowed to use the word "nutritionist?" Curious as I am looking at courses.

  7. I went to college in 2009 and was studying a Dietitian program but i didn't like it and it did not go well. But lately been thinking of taking a course to become an health and holistic nutrition adviser/coach. It is an online course from an academy in Montreal that i could do at home. Really like your video and it help me alot.

  8. How does the content of the nutraphoria course compare with a traditional dietician training

  9. Hi, I was wondering if this programe is certified and legit, thank you!

  10. Thank you for your video! What is the exact title you earn after graduating? Also, did you get certified or licensed through NutraPhoria? I have been looking at a Certified Holistic Nutrition program through AFPA (half the price of NutraPhoria) but I'm not sure if it's legit enough.

  11. In listening to you I remembered that I've been studying Health my whole life we should talk have you heard of Neal Barnard in the Physicians committee for responsible medicine methyl sulfonyl methane and why it's so important because of the sulfur cycle in soil the shikimate pathway in bacteria and the correlation between that toxicity and our own arterial plaques leaky gut and microbiome disruption. Yeah I totally think we could geek out together

  12. You can still finish your Degree later on in life to move even further in your Career with a Degree in Nutrition for the Future. Dietitians and Nutritionists are both nutrition experts. A Dietitian just has more education & credentials and more in demand depending on where you live. Holistic Nutritionist programs dive into a more holistic approach which I love, gets you started faster and help with starting your own business. So it is a Very Good way to go.

  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but in certain provinces you cannot call yourself a Nutritionist right? I live in Quebec and the Nutritionist title is protected here. You also cannot work in hospitals and such, I understand the time it saves but is it really worth it since you invest in something that isn't recognized by the government?

  14. Would this be considered the same as a health coach or does it dig deeper than other courses?

  15. Hi Michelle

    I’m very interested in this program but confused as to the designation offered upon completion.

    I could not find Nutraphoria on the Cannp (Canadian Association of natural nutritional practitioners) website.

    I’m being told to go with the Edison institute of nutrition. As they are a recognized school with cannp.

    Also what does it mean to be board certified in holistic nutrition ?

  16. Thank you so much for this video. I'm actually in the south western shore of NS and attended Dalhousie to obtain my BScN in Nursing 6 years ago. I'm looking to become a holistic nutritionist myself and the school you mention is the one I'm looking at attending. Glad to know you enjoyed it!

  17. Thanks for the vid!:) How long did it take you to get certified and what was the cost please

  18. Hello, Can you please share how did you create your website or does someone else handle it all for you?

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