The Untold Truth Of Popeyes

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  1. My friend ate Popeyes and had an allergic reaction even though he only ate chicken and not shrimp🤔🤔🤔

  2. I love eating Popeyes that's my favorite restaurant I get their 3or 2 pieces of chicken and red beans and rice and biscuit and a large soda mmm I want me some more

  3. Because when you do eat Popeyes Chicken it don't sit too well on your stomach.. and you don't know how often they change that grease all them chicken restaurants.. I stopped eating Popeye's Chicken two years ago thumbs down

  4. My dad worked for Al Copeland, he also created the recipe for the biscuits and redbeans & rice. So I grow up around Popeyes food all the time. Whatever I eat Popeyes it's instant memories from when I was a kid.

  5. I remember the old decor in the late 80s through 90s had popeye the sailor and bluto and olive oil for their decor

  6. I really believe that someday all the food you can eat has to be grown. These politicians are getting more and more progressive and eventually will cave to the animal rights pressure. I can see millions of them marching in D.C. one day.

  7. Popeyes is really bad in uae like the chicken is good but the thing is if you order online from sites like zomato they ask extra for better pieces won't take the price plus the fries are bad I rather eat kfc

  8. i had popeyes one time abd never again will shit was disgusting my chicken tasted like it was plastic i dont know if it was the one i went too

  9. Don’t trust Popeyes Chicken, I had a young man on probation w me in NJ who worked part time at the Popeyes in Pennsauken NJ. He warned me to never eat their chicken whatsoever. He stated that Popeye franchises go around to local chicken farms or local supermarkets and buy their on special chicken that has been marked down in price.. he stated that the chicken is sometimes rotten and they walk w amonia and chorox water. He said the only chicken safe are the strips. So if you hear poisoned food, run away.

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