The Untold Truth Of Firehouse Subs

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  1. Somebody out there – you know who you are – kept posting on all the videos, "Do Firehouse subs!" See? We really listen: here it is. What other restaurants/chains would you like us to feature? Let's hear it…

  2. Damn straight about the mayo. When Firehouse first arrived and me and my wife tried them I promptly forgot about Subway and I loved Subway.

  3. Not true they don't put more meat compared to their competitors they're sub bread is very smallish so as to give the illusion that there is a lot of meat.

  4. Each firehouse is independently owned. Most of the "proceeds " will go to balance the drawer. And the ingredients they use will differ from each firehouse.

  5. I only learned about Firehouse Subs about two months ago when I started working at the mall and stumbled upon the ONLY franchise in ALL of New York STATE!

    Their service is a bit too slow but their sandwiches are delicious.

  6. A couple of fat dumb motherfukers selling sandwiches screw that then using firefighters to guilt me into buying a sandwich from them

  7. The only bad thing about these sandwiches is that they get really soggy really fast…if you eat them there ,okay, but take out….by the time you get home the bread is drenched…. Yuk

  8. really disappointed with their recent sub size changes. They basically cut the size of sups in half, but the prices are the same.

  9. Firehouse is a rip off, they barely put meat on it and the meat that is on it is SUPER thin. You leave there hungry every time what a joke.

  10. This place is great. Their food is awesome and they donated emergency vehicles to my local hospital in the city

  11. Any shop that cuts all the way through the long rolls is a crock! I ordered a sub from a store once and half of the insides landed in my lap. Guys and the south may not care about dropping stuff on their shirt but I prefer to avoid the stains.

  12. They only had 100$ between them but they were able to open a restaurant? I guess they had some friends at the bank that help them get that loan.

  13. I had never heard of it before this summer when there was one near my internship. I used to get it for lunch everyday and it was delicious!

  14. The firehouse subs that i work at is making about 200 sandwiches (per restruant in the area) every couple days for the first responders in the florida panhandle after Hurricane Michael

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