The Top Nutrients in Mushrooms

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  1. Mushrooms are great in so many dishes! I love them and want to learn which are
    the most healthy! Thanks Dr. Berg for your food videos! We need to know!

  2. Hello Dr. Berg, Love from India. I m really a big fan of u. U r just amazing. U r like an Angel for millions of Ppl.. I hope one day I will meet u. U r a real Hero.

    I m watching u from past 2.5 yrs, and implementing ur techniques on my body. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis past 2 yrs before, but thanks to you I m completely fine now. Right now I m struggling with my weight loss.

    I m veg,and I am on Kito from past 2 weeks and my weight loss stopped, my calories intake are below my maintainance level. But from past 3 days not showing on scale. Any suggestions?

  3. sir you told us to take averaze 20-50 g fat in ketizanic diet and low carb undre 50 gram but in mushroom every 100g there is 40 g crv and 2 g protin and no fat so how can it good for ketozanic diet while your recommend is to take high fat and low carb and also in a egg there is 20 g protin but in mushroom 2 g protin per 100 g is it enughf and mushroom price is very high than other veggis pls discrive it for all of us

  4. My blood test came back showing I have fungus so my doctor told me not to eat mushrooms since they are a fungus. I also cut out sugar, grain carbs, dairy, and alcohol. I found your channel a few months later so keto/IF was pretty easy to move into by then. I have now been watching your videos and following this for 7 weeks and lost 10 lbs so far. First thing that has worked for me that will last.

  5. Now I know why it's the mushrooms that releases sun in Plants vs. Zombies night not any other plants. Wow the game is well thought. 😀

  6. Dr. Berg, you are a superstar. Thank you so very much for the videos you share. I have been on a ketogenic diet now since late November (so four months as of typing this) and have lost almost 44 lb. I have made a lot of changes to the way I was doing keto in the beginning, thanks to your advice. I now incorporate tons more salad greens, broccoli, avocados, mushrooms and the like instead of focusing on 'upping my fats' as many of the keto groups push. My diet now is bursting with fresh greens, and pure fresh healthy foods. The weight continues to drop off. With each video you put up, I learn more and more. My family now drink ACV each day (my husband is making his own too) plus homemade kombucha, pickles, kimchi and the like. We're about to incorporate nutritional yeast also. I have gone from being in chronic pain 24/7 (I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) / needing constant naps / having non-stop headaches, to dropping almost four dress sizes, being virtually pain free, sleeping 9 solid hours per night, needing zero daytime naps, feeling energised, feeling less depression, feeling this enormous sense of love and gratitude and a 'buzz' about life now. My skin is glowing! Even my fingernails are so strong! My husband and fifteen year old daughter and I have been 100% sugar-free plus wheat free since the beginning of our Keto journey (and we will stay this way for life). We do not buy anything processed (except for things like cheese). Our whole way of life has literally changed and I truly don't believe I even have Fibromyalgia now. I have been doing 16/8 intermittent fasting daily also. I'm not far off my 'goal' weight. I'm all the way over in Australia, but I just wanted to sincerely THANK YOU Dr. Berg – because even though I was losing weight on the 'old version of keto' we had started out on – since binge watching your videos I now know that adding as many nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. to our bodies is so much more important than merely dropping dress sizes through snacking on fat bombs for example. I am in awe of my healthy body and in awe of it feeling stronger and healthier every day. Thank you thank you thank you for explaining what each and every vegetable and food source has in it and WHY it helps the body. Dear Sir, I bow in gratitude to you!

  7. Dr. Berg. i love this video, but i think you missed the main point about mushrooms having a good protein/potassium ratio. as a natural part of our diet.. if we were not eating meat. 🙂

  8. Dr. Berg. i love this video, but i think you missed the main point about mushrooms having a good protein/potassium ratio. as a natural part of our diet.. if we were not eating meat. 🙂

  9. The problem with getting the nutrients from mushrooms is that you need to eat so many of them, for example 1 full cup of mushrooms provides 9% of the daily requirement of selenium, so you would need to eat 11 full cups of mushrooms every day to provide your required amount and for vitamin D you would need around 30 cups each day. This would not leave mush-room for anything else!

  10. Vegans and vitamin D: Vitamin D2, called ergocalciferol, is obtained from yeast, so it’s vegan. Most studies show that vitamin D2 is as effective as vitamin D3. Both forms of the vitamin are well absorbed and they both raise blood levels of vitamin D. The difference is that vitamin D3, the kind from animals, produces more sustained blood levels of the vitamin.  In contrast, blood levels begin to drop fairly rapidly after just a few days when vitamin D2 is the source of the vitamin, but – yeast is a source of D for vegans

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