The SUPER HEALTH BENEFITS of SPAGHETTI SQUASH and how to cook it the right way! Ketogenic Approved!

How to cook Spaghetti Squash! (All ingredients can be found at most any regular grocery story. We did not use any specialty products.) • Cut the Squash …

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  1. Stick it with a knife across the top about three times. Then you put it in the microwave for about 15min. After that let cool cut in half and remove seed. Pull apart.

  2. i prefer chopping off top and bot, skinning it with knife, cutting into cubes, then steaming it. i usually have it completely cut in under a minute without even rushing. then when it's done cooking no further work required.

    the problem with cuttting in half and baking is that when done you have more work to do, you are doing work before and after cooking it, not getting it all done before. it's a method i dislike doing. i also find it harder to scrape out flesh from the inside which is skinning it from the inside out, over skinning it from the outside with a knife. skinning from outside sounds hard, but it's not. there is video of guy skinning watermelon is less than 20 seconds and having it chopped into cubes, same method i use on spagetti squash.

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