The Science of BACON!

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon! The Science of FOOD PORN: Get a free audiobook! GET OUR BOOK: …

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  1. Honestly I’ve never tried bacon because I’m muslim I’m not allowed too I’m tryna keep it that way. Never tried pork and never will.

  2. if bacon causes cancer, so be it I'd get over ninety years old, so if I get cancer atleast I will longer than the average vegan domigouge lol

  3. “Eat in moderation”
    Then why did I lose 20 pounds eating bacon while doing keto? I swear, bread is way worse for you than bacon claims to be.

  4. Our body makes nitrates naturally, does that mean we should only have our bodies in moderation.
    When we eat fruit high in antioxidants our body stops producing its own so what's the point consuming more when our body says no more.
    Fat gives us fuel and makes us feel full while carbs just want more carbs which turn to fat.

  5. Fruit has sugar which spikes your Blood sugar response thus rising insulin. If you combine any fat including bacon with sugar… You'll get fat. Do not combine sugar with any fat, in fact don't eat sugar with anything… If you must eat sugar eat it by itself or with fiber though fiber bloats you.

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