The Real Reason Papa John's Is Struggling To Stay Open

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  1. I love Pappas Johns pizza. That tub of garlic butter made it extra special. I can't get it anymore. There is no longer a store with me in their delivery area. I have checked online. The closest store to me I can not get home hot for traffic. There was a store near work (Pizza for lunch!!!) But that one has closed too!!!!! Sad to see!!

  2. Not sure if they're still around, but Rossi's in Chicago was the pizza I grew up with. NONE of these chains can compete with ANY local Chicago pizza place.

  3. I have literally had better pizza from a gas station. How they compete with anyone is a mystery to me. Apparently their client base is ppl who can't manage baking a $6 Freshetta from Walmart.

  4. Most business franchises are governed by a board of
    directors, which most of the time is a rather stayed affair, are content to continue
    just as it did from its inception, and as long as the profits keep increasing,
    see no urgent need to make any changes in board membership, unless outside
    forces come barging through the door. By outside forces, these days usually mean
    to add some diversity to its membership, like more women or its ethnicity, that
    is just what happened when the restaurant franchise elected to its board of directors,
    retired professional basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, leading me to shout
    that Papa Johns has just been Shaq Fu(d).

  5. I thought they were going down cause of the politics but there just fucking up all across the board and there pizza is Nasty as fuck anyway

  6. I remember walking in papa johns 10 years ago to try there pizza 🍕 I had seen a commercial looked good. Came in nobody greeted me for a couple of minutes, sounded like some teenagers were goofing around in the back. I hauled ass never been back since

  7. Because it's too expensive and it's not that great. In fact it ain't great or even good at all. I hate their tomato sauce, it's too damn tart. But I am definitely with John Shnatter in saying Obamacare is a piece of SHIT!!!!

  8. So NFL ratings drop bc morons like Kaepernick…John's was the official pizza of NFL (""), so naturally they would lose sales. That's why they want sponsorship especially with the nfl, to promote. I say it's safe to assume NFL is probably the best advertising idea. So why was that wrong of him to assume? I don't think that's how you say controversy btw.

  9. Used to love Papa John's but after their CEO'S ignorant comments I'm done the guy can afford to live in luxury but has a problem paying health care and protest against police brutality douchebag

  10. In the 70's-80's Pizza Hut was the best pizza you coud get. They were great semi romantic places to eat in. With lit candles on the table. At least the one's that I ate at. I never had a Papa John's pizza. One opened up just a few doors down from fewel/Osco. Directly across a four lane street. And I mean directly across was a Little Ceaser's. Which had been there for many years earlier. A few months later, Papa was out of buissness.

  11. I actually like the taste of Papa John's pizza. I think out of all the major "fast" pizza chains (Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc.), Papa John's has the best flavor. That said, I only order from them maybe twice a year, since genuine quality pizza can't be found in a chain.

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