The Nutritional Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

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  1. I loves me some Kerry Gold! 😋 I stopped using margarine years ago after seeing a dietician. It's the best way to rehabilitate instant coffee. And a pat on my black coffee helps me stay full to my next meal. I put it in my oat bran & oatmeal. It takes me 3 months to go through a pound with almost daily usage. My numbers are fantastic & it's helped me cut down on a lot of meds I used to have to take. I'M A BELIEVER!

  2. you got crumbs in the butter again. Boy, if there's one thing I can't stand, it's crumbs in the butter. That must have happened when it fell on the floor.

  3. Is grass fed butter better as apposed to Organic butter? What's to say that the grass isn't laced with all kinds of stuff.

  4. I remember my mom would buy margarine all the time when I was a kid. She'd tell my dad that he would have a heart attack because he refused margarine, and ate butter.

  5. I weighed 137kg in 2015. Started my Transformation journey from October 2019. And lost 65 kg by March 2018. I was extremely happy but that loose skin spoiled my hard work. Anyway the problem started when I tried to deadlift 150lbs almost, I hardly managed 3 reps( which was shocking because when I was at 136, 120kg with 12 reps was my routine.
    I lost my strength but I ignored Desi advice of consuming ghee( purified butter).
    From August 2019 I started to bulk and added 1 slice cheese, and one spoon purified butter Into my meal and almost 15eggs daily( 7 whole) . It's October now and I gained almost 7kg, belly looks big but my muscles are now getting big and m really very happy with this cuz now 140-160kg deadlift till failure (8-9 reps) are just love.
    The best part is, this Ghee is making me strong and reducing my cholesterol level. This is magical.

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