The Most Common Meditation Hurdle & How To Overcome It

It can feel very unnatural, and even unsettling, to surrender into stillness during meditation, into that place behind all your thoughts and emotions. This is why we feel inclined to wrestle with our thoughts, try really hard to focus, and so on.

As Watkins previously explained to mbg, when it comes to thoughts, “The more you resist, the more they will persist. So, if you want to make meditation feel a hundred times easier, practice leaning in to the unwanted thoughts.” Or let the thoughts simply be what they are, so you can, too.

“It’s about stripping unnecessary things away—removing the focus, the concentration, the letting go, and all of the other ‘doings,’ Watkins adds. “Instead, just be in it. Being is as much of a skill as doing.”

Know that every meditation session isn’t going to leave you feeling enlightened, and allow yourself to fully be in the experience.

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