The Best Way to Deal with Varicose Veins!

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  1. How many lemons do I have to eat daily, to get sufficient amount of vitamin C in winter time?

  2. In Yoga there are some exercises that involve standing upside down, may be that will help

  3. I exercise at the gym 4 times per week and I have toned legs, for some reason I only get them behind my knees. I elevate my legs and I like to sit cross legged, this could by why?

  4. My vericose veins disappeared after my first pregnancy, but are not going away after my second. It’s been six months.

    I excercise everyday and get 10,000 steps.

    Could this be estrogen from my birth control or should I expect to wait longer for results?

  5. I am bearing the pain and fatigue for the last 10 years in legs due to varicose veins. Due to tempt for rest in pass time, I have gone to 133kg from 90kg and gaining more weight. Went to doctor couple of times but not especially for varicose veins. I showed my left leg back side behind knee where varicose veins are visible. But doctors did not care much to treat it.
    I am 42 and it is beating me, I feel sick all the time with legs as heavy as tons. I cant concentrate my work it keeps paining all the time.
    Only walk for 5 miles gives me relief from morning till evening. Then it starts pain in evening. Dont know what to do. I fear I may loose job due to performance since I can only work in 1st half. Then pain makes me to find rest.

  6. Eliminating hemorrhoids is generally a life changer and as well a big liberation. If you do not wish to squander time viewing video after video, and just get to the idea I'd suggest Melissa Thanderski's guidelines (googl her) to get a short-cut that usually delivers inside 48 hours.

  7. Why do you feel so compelled to give advice on something you know nothing about, just read the comments, then maybe own up and give proven facts only. This is total garbage. I am also very active but have bad veins. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Dr. Berg, thank you so much for the health quiz you provided for us. I received my results instantly and your input is extremely helpful. Your contribution to my health and well-being is greatly appreciated 😇🙏

  9. Spider veins on my legs are the bane of my life. I eat lots of veg. I always have & was a vegetarian in my thirties for 10years. As I am older there are more appearing. Two, 1 above & 1 below my tight knee look like bruises & have appeared in the same boney areas that I scraped badly when I fell in my twenties. Will they ever go?

  10. My friend walks at least 5 miles daily, does basic weights, eats very well, yet has varicose veins all of her adult life. She had one child, that was a preemie, with no excessive weight gain during the pregnancy. There must be another reason or two for them to develop. She did everything right. Makes one wonder.

  11. There is a new procedure out. Injecting salt water in varicose veins makes them disappear. Why am I the only one that knows this..?????

  12. I walk and stand for my job all day. I have bad veins just like my father. His job was very physical too. Exercise cant be the answer. Diet has more to do with it I believe.

  13. My grandma walked about 8-10k steps per day, rarely sat. She always had varicose veins.

  14. Dr. Berg you need to read Linus Pauling. It is embarrassing to hear your views on Vit. C.

  15. Thanks for the video.
    Please can you enlightening me about vitamin c asorbic acid, I take 500g and sometimes 1000g, it helps me with colds, or running nose.
    And I have varicose veins from venous insufficiency, do you advice me to stop the vitamin c?
    I cant take some fruits because I have acid reflux, so I get my vitamin c from the tablet.
    Pls reply

  16. I'm a runner for many years and have varicose veins for many years, I'm in my early thirties and never been pregnant, are you sure there aren't other factors? I also do not take vitamin c since I heard you should only take it when you have a cold or flu coming

  17. I started to see these when I was 15-16 and they only got bigger since time goes on. And all my childhood and teenage years I was active, like to play and run around and move my body. Also biked everywhere or walked. And I'm still active. My mom have these much worse and her mom had them too. I'm very sceptical more exercise would help with this. :/ It's just bothers me, because I would like to wear skirts and shorts but they look so bad the more time I'm standind up, and they show very fast as I get up from bed.

  18. If vericose is pooling of blood in veins, then it stands to reason that massaging carefully the affected veins or encouraging circulation should help, like elevating the area—this theory was confirmed to me recently, and it seems you have confirmed this in part. But I don't agree with it having surgery done, Dr.

    My testicles were horrible, but I started laying on my back with my legs up for 10 minutes or so, then crossing my legs indian-style, and I could, within a few minutes of laying on my back, feel pain in my testicals again—they were no longer numb. And the veins in my feet too, disappeared after only a few minutes for a whole day. Imma keep this up.

  19. If you have those superficial, dilated varicose veins.. no amount of exercising will improve or make them go away Dr Berg. Dilatation > separation of valves > retrograde flow. It takes years to get to that stage. That's chronic venous disease. Causes.. sedentary lifestyle, sitting and standing for prolonged periods, obesity, multiple births, localised trauma, and it's also hereditary. And you failed to mention reticular veins. Perhaps you should do an updated video.

  20. Hello sir
    could you please tell us the solution for varicocele? I had varicocelectomy on both the scrotum but still it's reappearing…pls help me out sir.

  21. Hi Dr. Berg! Question, I’m using a daily collagen powder that has ascorbic acid in it, I mix it in with my coffee. I do have spider veins and varicose veins, should I stop drinking it? It has 50 mg of ascorbic acid per serving, and I use 1 full scoop. Thank you so much! :o)

  22. Doc, how about vibration therapy (vibration plate, massage wand, etc) to improve blood flow in the legs–could this help?

  23. What about internal hemangiomas?? Do you know what can shrink them?! PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO!!!!

  24. exercising, walking and a healthy diet might prevent or decrease the risk, however, do they really treat even mild varicose and make them disappear once they are there ? i don't think so !! you have mentioned risk factors (hormones, genetics, pregnancy, lack of exercice..) but what about CVI (chronic venous insuffeciency) ?? besides the exact pathophysiology of this disease is still the this day unknown !! we are talking about histopathological changes within the vein tissue itself, collagen fibers ratio alteration !! can exercising reverse the histological changes in a vein ? i don't think so !! we don't even know if the collapsing valves cause the changes or vice versa !! and what do you mean by early stages ? "varicose" is a stage itself of CEAP classification. i think what Dr.Berg is saying can be valid in terms of PREVENTION but not in terms of TREATMENT.

  25. I walk a 5k every day, my husband is a very active person and walked school campuses as an assistant principal for years. We are both active and have veins in the thigh area of our legs. His are very bad on the inside area of his thighs. Don’t think inactivity did it for us. What else? We exercise. ????????

  26. I first got varicose veins at 15. I thought it was from working to hard as a waitress. I didn’t get breaks so my legs would be swollen from standing for so many hours straight.

  27. Well ok! Im going to make my mom exercise and take Vitamin C! Just how she forced e to take broccoli lol

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