The Amazing Benefits of Cabbage

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  1. Is the cabbage soup that’s treading in you tube can really lose weight? Plz need ur medical opinion on this. Tenx

  2. Great Super Simple Coleslaw Recipe: shredded cabbage, grated peeled-ish zucchini, and a little bit of grated carrot. Soy-free Veganaise (or homemade mayonnaise), and Erythritol to taste. Play with the amounts of everything. Usually a few cups of veggies (3-5 cups total +/-), to a few TBSP mayo (+/-), to about 2 TBSP Erythritol (+/-), but make it to your taste preference of course! Super easy and tasty, and a great way to get in raw vegetables! And my 4 year old daughter loves it as well! 😉

  3. I have added cabbage steaks to the menu every week, ive always been anemic. Can I still see benefits even though I'm cooking the cabbage in the oven?

  4. Why does sauerkraut always wreck my guts after eating? I can't eat it at all but steamed cabbage never gave me an issue.

    I'm eating ground beef mushrooms and cabbage with garlic in a sour cream sauce as I watch this

  5. Thank you for this useful information, I have been struggling with stomach issues. I haven't been able to eat for 2 and a half months almost anything at all. I have already lost 30 pounds and feeling very very weak. My doctors can't find out what I have. I will certainly start eating cabbage starting tomorrow. I love it anyway. Again thank you.

  6. If its causing me to feel bloated and uncomfortable should I still use it? I have gastritis and it tends to really irritate my stomach while I drink it.

  7. Literally eating half a head of purple cabbage in my veggie stir fry right now ….. been craving it and decided to look up the benefits. Lo and behold, good ole dr. B to the rescue telling me it’s good for me….. Happens to be one of my favorite foods and going to enjoy more of it

  8. Amen to that! I healed ulcercolitis by juicing green cabage for 7 days and drinking 1 cup 3x a day Just that anyway I had no appetite for anything else . With that I had drops 10 drops of trace minerals a day. 7 days later inflammation and blood was all gone !

  9. White cabbage is better for me. Red cabbage bloat me. White cabbage has 5,1 gram of sugar, isen't that too much in Dr Berg's book?

  10. Dr Berg… thank you for your advise. I have been doing Intermittent fasting and keto and I have lost 50lbs. I have another 100 to go. To this video… I suffer from IBS and cabbage has helped me tremendously. I always eat a giant bowl lf coleslaw with apple cider vinegar. You are awesome

  11. I make a really yummy cabbage bread using grated cabbage, eggs, cheese , baking powder, a little bit of coconut flower and salt. One of the nicest ways to get my cabbage in. And substituting easy ‘bread’ lunches.

  12. I have heard eating raw cabbage might lead to dangerous worms in your body especially it attacks brain! Is that true? How to eat it and still be safe?

  13. I have to consume red cabbage because of the warfarin I have to take. (Clotting disorder). Is will the vitamins stay if you eat it in a soup?

  14. I drink cabbage juice for gastritis but is even worse, always I drink, so I dont know how to heal myself anymore…

  15. I just sauteed some cabbage in olive oil with chopped yellow onion, bell pepper and green onions. I seasoned it and cooked it until it was real soft. Bomb!

  16. I used to suffer from chronic gastritis. I had hard time digesting every meal I had. After endoscopy, my doctor told me to stay away from caffeine and alcohol and eat cabbage. I ate about a half boiled cabbage throughout each day for about 2 weeks and my gastritis was gone. Cabbage is the answer for your stomach!

  17. I do a coleslaw mix…80% cabbage green and red, the rest is broccoli, kale, carrots, garlic, onion, and parsley. rgw sauce is Mayo, lemon juice, apple c vinegar, dijon mustard, no salt, cinnamon and stevia to taste. I love slaw, and its a good way to mix in the beneficial vegies.
    69yo, Doing 18-6, lost 10lb in 7 days…..your methods work for me…thanks

  18. My sister would have acid reflux often, one night I gave her cabbage soup , trying to fix it and we found it worked.
    So this is why it worked.

  19. I have been eating coleslaw for a few days now . I made my own mayo with  free range duck eggs  and avocado oil and mixed it with some beetoot . The result is a beautiful pink salad  🙂 So yummy with some feta cheese on top !
     Even my kids loved it !

  20. OMG Dr Berg I ate 1 kilo white cabbage and nothing else (crazy self made diet) and got a massive acne breakout at the side of my body and legs. I almost died ! Cabbage is a histamine bomb. Its like milk butter cheese and so on … very bad stuff for me.

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