The 9 unhealthiest meals in America

The Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Xtreme Eating Awards went to nine “winning” chain restaurant meals especially high in calories, fat, sugar and salt …

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  1. this is rude! My friend enjoy meals everyday and I think all meals should be appreciated because you know it does take time and effort being a meal and if you were a meal like my friend wallace jr davis the third you would understand what it's like. So I have reported your video to the police because you should NEVER! Tell people to avoid meals regardless of the consequences. All meals should be treated the same regardless if they're good or bad. Please do more research next time you decide to post something on the internet. You probably have a bad Christmas tree and an android so you're rude. Goodbye!

  2. Calories, salt, and fat are all essentially irrelevant to a food's nutritional value. Only sugar is unequivocally "bad" for you, although there are healthy sweeteners, too. It's a shame so many politicians rely on the CSPI to craft public policy. 

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