Swoldier Nation – Trainer Edition – Optimum Nutrition Supplements

Steve Cook goes over the Optimum Nutrition supplements he uses in his training routine.
Optimum Nutrition Supplement Suggestions
bmoc stack –
whey protein –
Opti Performance Pack –
Creatine –
Casein –
Amino Energy –
Beta Alanine –
Fish Oil –
CLA Soft Gels –
Hydro Whey –
Golden Standard Whey – –
B Elite Clothing –

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  1. That is retarded! 27"31 minutes! Why a person needs all these supplement? NO AT ALL!
    Its waste of money. EAT REAL QUALITY FOOD AND GET LEAN STRONG HEALTHY ENERGETIC AND SHREDDED. THESES GARBAGE WILL GET YOU NOWHERE but Frustration and Disappointment and doomed to failure.

  2. May be u have some suggestion for martial arts purpose.. Im using ON for sure(wgs,casein,and zma), my diet was good.. I just need some suggestion about this supplements, coz there was a lot of products from ON and im will not consume all of that products without any reason..

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