Super Foods – The Truth about Coconut – Nutrition by Natalie

Exclusive Content!! Super Foods – The Truth about Coconut – Nutrition by Natalie Top 10 reasons, coconut is a super food.

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  1. Natalie was the host PsycheTruth before Corrina and before her it was a doctor. Trying to get a younger person to appeal audiences than using a doctor didn't work

  2. Think it's the fact that the oil is not the whole food that causes the problems eating a coconut if u manage to get it open would hardly be a problem

  3. Is ther ANY food in the natural world that is "bad" for you? I can't think of one. ALL processed so-called "foods" are what is "bad" for you!

  4. Consuming coconut milk or oil does the same amount of damage to your arteries as a McDonald's egg mcmuffin, however eating whole coconut causes no damage to your arteries.

  5. PsycheTruth what happened to natalie? I remember watching this channel when natalie was posting videos a long long time ago. Then Correana came out of no where… Time sure does fly!!

  6. It is actually you who are behind the times. Coconut oil, milk, cream, and non-defated cocconut flakes are as harmful as meat and dairy. Your mention of traditional island cultures is incomplete and misleading. Those cultures with high coconut consumption where as high in heart disease as Americans. You need to check nutrition facts . org to get the real scoop and stop misleading people.

  7. Coconut Meet (its natural) = Super healthy
    Coconut Water (its natural)= Super Healthy
    Coconut Oil (its not natural) = Super unhealthy


  8. Coconut oil has no vitamins, minerals, or fiber. All you had to do was type "coconut oil nutrients." I'm not saying it's an awful food, but most of these points are objectively false and proven so with a simple google search.

  9. Nice video. Good info, but the term extra virgin about coconut is a misconception – but when talking about oliveoil then it is correct. – Just for record. 🙂

  10. Some (reputable) sources or studies to support those claims should be needed. There's no such thing a magical 'superfood'.
    Good diet and some exercise keeps you healthy. In fact the 'health food' and supplement industry is thriving by all these misconceptions and lies that are being fed to us by some so called health experts. It's a multi billion dollar industry that is dangerous.

  11. yes! I am from this part of the region. our original daily meal revolves
    around coconut. also, high on every meal menu is root crop,vegetables and fish.
    prior before the introduction of western diet to the region, my people lived to a ripe old age through their diet,manual exercise on their plantation and
    spiritual belived in their God.
    What's unique to me is the fact that the new introductory diet not only rob us of our life but also cost us more to maintain this abhorrent habits,which
    in the end kill us sooner than what we've always known.
    Who's to blame but ourselves. we believed the promotion of comfort, and
    neglect the longevity in which we have lived by from many moon's gone by.
    and at last, about coconut, it is the tree of life that have been of old to my people. reason, every part of it is useful. for food, medicine, construction, home, meteorological and …..ecetra….

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