SUBWAY vs. FIREHOUSE SUBS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!

SUBWAY vs. FIREHOUSE SUBS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test! Check out my cameo! omg i have always wanted to …

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  1. lol if you want fresh dessert from firehouse, the cookies are made in house, but the brownies come frozen and we just wrap them and put them out

  2. Just so y’all know, I work at firehouse and I can give you some tips:
    Avoid the soups
    The place is actually hella clean
    If you get a combo the price for the large drink is the same as the medium. Ask to double your meat, it’s free. Don’t get the veggie, you’re a dick. You can get as many pickles as you want. If you order food and keep asking we can keep giving you pickles. Don’t get the firehouse steak. And please tip your drive through worker 🙁

  3. one time i went to subway and the thing they keep the cookies in was full of gnats and they were just flying out everywhere and the employee handing me my cookies just ignored them like nothing was wrong and i just was too in shock and disgusted to say anything and quietly took my cookies and paid and that was the final straw i can never go to subway again it is so bad

  4. Tbh firehouse is so much better then subway I used to work for subway and it ain’t it sis now I work at firehouse 😂✌️💁‍♂️😗

  5. Do you guys have potbelly? it's so good, but now after watching this I'm gonna have to check out firehouse, looks delicious.

  6. I wanna try the Subway meatball sub cause I love my trashy food. We don’t have fire house in Alberta Canada


  8. Subway company is just sad they need to level up people are spending their money keeping them in business for what? And I hope they see my comment making citizens pay money for their shitty sandwiches

  9. My son he’s 14 and he’s on the swim team at his high school he loves firehouse sub after swimming 🏊 he likes the sandwich that’s called the engineer sandwich and he always get a brownie.

  10. You would’ve been better off comparing Schlotzsky’s deli with firehouse sub because in Texas both are very gourmet sandwich shops. When you walk inside of a Schlotzsky’s deli it is clean and very professional same as firehouse sub. But firehouse to sometimes they don’t have staff on hand to be out in the dining area wiping and cleaning their tables and floors like they should they have to step it up on that part. Schlotzsky’s deli always a female in the dining area wiping off tables as soon as customers leave cleaning the floors making sure every table and counter is wiped down that is how a business supposed to be taken care of…

  11. I’m in Texas We have a Schlotzsky’s deli and a quiz nose in Texas we have firehouse sub in Texas and a subway firehouse sub is number one hands-down. We even have a Jersey Mike’s sub place and another sandwich place call Jimmy John’s subs I’ve never eaten there but I heard their subs are not good.

  12. i’m new to your channel and i have a question… every time you zoom in and show us the food… is… is that you singing in the background? BECAUSE LMFAOOOOOO

  13. I work at Subway and this made me sad. 🙁 Even on our best days we can't compete with those subs- we're blown out of the water.
    Subway is becoming the next Blockbuster if you haven't noticed.

  14. firehouse subs suck. i had a steak and cheese and it tasted horrible. There was Also a tiny piece of bone in it and almost broke a tooth. No noticeable cheese. I got ripped off.

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