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Say Hello to a new year and a new series from Mason & Miles, Healthy Human! This series is designed to talk about nutrition at a scientific level that is easy to understand. While we all know fruits & veggies are good for us, not many people know why.

In this particular video, I talk a little bit about the nutrition science curriculum at The University of Georgia (my alma mater) and what your future career in nutrition could look like! The next healthy human episode will be an overview of the digestive system and then we’ll get into the good stuff like fats, zinc and vitamin A.

UGA’s Nutrition Science Curriculum:
UGA’s Career Center for Nutrition:

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  1. Im now a senior in high school and i only took biology not chemistry because the school told us to choose between them so i took biology not chemistry and am really interested in nutrition to study in college so is it important to tale biology and chemistry in high school

  2. Did you study just nutrition or you are studying anything else?
    What about if I just want to stay with nutrition science? Do I have an opportunity to get a good job?

  3. Is it possible if l am studying only biology and business at A level not Chemistry ? My background was not from science too at school . So is it an issue ? Or can l study food science in A level as l told u l am not from science background l’ve studied business so l don’t know about basic .

  4. I'm currently doing my A levels on accounting and mathematics. But I'm really interested in nutrition. Can I pursue nutrition with GED? I don't have the correct information.

  5. Is nutrition science hard if i have only biology fundamentals but not chemistry? And do i need to memorize like every type of nutrients? (sorry if this question sounds dumb LOL)

  6. Hey quick question I want to be a nutritionist what courses do you need i added nutrition and fitness and nutrition and lifestyle need help first time student in college

  7. Thank you so much! This clarifies things soooo much! I was dead set on the dietetic pathway, but this is truly better! Thank you!! You truly saved me there

  8. Thank you so much for the information. What school do they have nutrition Gainesville or Athens or Atlanta? I live in NC hopefully I pray to God this fall I start taking classes in GA. Schools over here are more hard to get accepted UNC . I love nutrition! To ❤️

  9. Hi..iam from India..completed my post graduate in nutrition..I would like to work in Canada . Can u pls tell me what steps should I take to move forward.. is there any internship courses to be done there for my job.? Pls tell me how to apply .

  10. Thank you Thank you so much!! I hope I get to know more about nutrition major! I changed my major as nutrition and I thought only career I can take was Dietitian. It would be great if you can make more videos on nutrition career within the food industry. Like within food company? With a BA can you work for like maybe helping with making food or something like calorie counting etc? Thank You!

  11. Hi, I really enjoyed the content of this video. I was wondering if you continued the healthy human series? I cannot find them anywhere and I am really interested in watching (:

  12. Hey guys, can you check my video Food For Thought out

    I'm trying to explain how mental health is a vital issue that needs to be resolved and accommodated to immediately otherwise it will progressively become worse. My belief is that this issue will continue to rise whilst individuals continue to consume unhealthy food, at the level that is occurring currently.

    Foods that can provide your body with the materials required to increase GABA levels within your body could be used to combat this. However, in my video I must highlight that I am not solely explaining that it is just GABA, but that GABA is one of many neurotransmitters that is involved as well as it's synergistic workings with glutamate.
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  13. Hi, I really appreciated the insight you shared with us in this video! I'm looking to study in the nutrition/dietetics field because I'm interested in living a relatively healthy lifestyle. However, I'm not exactly sure what exact career I would like to have if I earn my degrees and titles and whatnot, so it's challenging at the moment to take a course that's tough for me (that is not going very well) while not having the motivation of a goal (in this case being securing a career that not only will make me financially independent but one that also brings me joy and does not feel like a chore) to keep me in high spirits. I suppose an ideal career would allow me to assist people with their health goals by assessing their current situation and supporting them with recommendations that I can provide through my studies and personal experience – though this seems to mean that I'll be inside an office of sorts for long hours, and that doesn't sound very pleasant. Do you think there's a career in this field for me? Any further insight would be more than appreciated! Also, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my gargantuan comment if you end up doing so. Best of luck in any of your current and future endeavors! 🙂

  14. At first I didn't know if majoring in nutrition and food science would work as a pre-med, but after this video I feel better. thanks 😃👍

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