Starbucks 80 Calorie Matcha Tea

This is easily my new favorite tea to order at Starbucks! Don’t forget to enter the Starbucks gift card giveaway — I’ll be announcing the winner on my Instagram …

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  1. Love matcha and can’t wait to try your hack. Next time!

  2. can u just order matcha green tea latte? or the one scoop make a difference?

  3. Change your title add a cough cough pack cough cough with cough cough sugar cough cough

  4. I order this tea with the same ingredients was delicious a lille heathier option is always better

  5. Hi Brittany. I just ordered this s and it is delicious! I thought the sugar-free vanilla would make it taste artificial but I t doesn’t. Is there a way to make it have more caffeine while keeping it low calories? One scoop of matcha is only around 25 mg of caffeine. I checked on the Starbucks app and a tall iced matcha has two scoops and comes out to 55mg of caffeine. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I'm not fan of all that sugar free syrup it's full of artificial sweeteners that are worse if not just as bad as the regular sweetened syrups

  7. Do you realize that your supposed to mix the drink before you drink it🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Definitely can make that at home so much cheaper but good review

  9. I'm sorry but girl your so wrong I've worked for Starbucks our green tea is pre sweetened with loads of sugar very high in carbs and sugar. Adding the sugar free vanilla pumps just made it have wayyy more calories then nessasary.

  10. Cuz Starbucks matcha has sugar so we don't need more sweetness lol

  11. You can order upside down where everything is mixed well that's a lot of carbs :/

  12. What if I want a matcha frappe but I want the lowest calorie as possible?

  13. Stupid it's got more than 80 calories..its got about 80 mg of caffeine does she mean

  14. So if I ask them:
    A grande iced matcha latee,
    No sugar added, almond milk, 2 pump of vanilla sugar free syrup instead and low on ice; it should be 80 cals? I just want to be sure 🙁

  15. Also Starbucks Matcha isn’t pure Matcha it is pre-sweetened so there is no way to actually get their Matcha completely sugar-free.

  16. Can't thank you enough, I was having a huge craving and this is even keto friendly in moderation!

  17. That extra scoop of powder makes so much difference and makes the drink Super thick amazing

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