Sonic Characters, Nutrition Raps, and Competitive Mario – Easy Allies Group Night

It’s a crazy night as we build a character together in Sonic Forces and the losing betters deliver their raps on nutrition. Then we compete in a volley of different …

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  1. Who else remembers:

    III don't wanna hear uncharted 4 SPOILERS
    It would make me mad as if I was in a BOILER
    You know my favorite character his name is SLLVIISNAGHDN

    Priceless!!! EZA has the rap in them

  2. I specifically watched blade runner for the first time just so I could watch the new blade runner. Ive still not seen the new one…

  3. I wish i knew about the scooter meta, getting 100 jumps was one of the most annoying moons to get in the game and i did it legit. It's all about getting in a rhythm after 50 and tapping the button as lightly as you can to not jump as high.

  4. I'm always amazed with the creative stuff you guys come up with. I was dreading how cringey those raps would be but they were nothing short of brilliant.

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