"Shakes Are For Fakes. Eat Steak" | Stan Efferding Talks Nutrition & Performance | Power Bites

Stan “The White Rhino” Efferding, the world’s strongest body builder in the world, inventor of The Kooler and founder of The “Vertical Diet”. From Ep. 38 of the …

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  1. i can drink tons whey protein powder and not get gassy. isolate or concentrate. i make my shakes with 3 scoops of whey, whole milk and ice cream. we all have our genetic advantages and disadvantages.

  2. isnt that self indulgent?
    have you a god complex?
    how many cows have you murdered… consumed beyond necessity?? to feed your….:0 obsession…..mental illness?!?

  3. I am always puzzled why Mark Bell seems to attract such a negative crowd, looking at all those comments on his vids. Sad to see.

  4. 66yrs -195 cm -124 kg had cancer 4 yrs ago was 134 kg lost 18 kg due to surgery/radiotherapy then packed on 25 kg due to thyroid which gave me diabetes 2 ,affected my knees and old rotator cuff injury due to muscle loss now ,train 4/5 days a week trying to rebuild my body ,using Marks full boar sling shot ,great assistance tool,any tips for this old fella ,highly respect ur input

  5. Has long as a guy is taking pharmaceuticals what ever he tells you take it with a grain of salt…BBs many of them didn’t keep special diets. Too name a few Sergio Olivia , Freddie Ortiz , Harold Poole, and many like them , ate Pizza , canned ravioli, Franks and beans and what ever. Most BBs were and are broke. You think they have the money to buy steaks? When Casey Viator won his mr America at the youngest age of 19 ..he was asked about his diet. His answer I ate every night with Arthur Jones at a near bye greasy spoon long as I ate emough calories…I grew. Stan might have answers but as long as the guy is on that special anabolic chicken …what ever he tells you means nothing ..when it comes to any natural BB ..if you are natural..then expect to gain no more then 20 -25 lbs of muscle weight in your life ..if the pros didn’t take anabolics do you think you would see 250lb and over mass monsters ? Please use allot of common sense when working out 💪. Keep the routines short no more then 6 exercises done hard in hit style 1 warmup and two hard working sets …rest longer enough to perform close to the same rep range as the last and eat according.y ..the reason most guys don’t gain? They don’t eat enough ..diets rich in protein/ fats / carbs …ad extra quality fat to your diet ..fats are higher in calories such as peanut butter, avocados, olive oil, oils from nuts, egg yolks, butter and others. And please rest between work outs ..taking off an extra day or two helps more then any advice about training protocols…you are not going to lose gains by resting more and just might gain even quicker … and fir all the guys taking artificial gear can listen to this all you want but, you can train and eat anyway you like and still make great gains …we natural guys are limited..ciao.

  6. LOL at all the haters in these comments. THIS IS THE WORLDS STRONGEST PROFESSIONAL BODY BUILDER! 2 ears, 1 mouth. SHUT THE FUCK UP, LISTEN AND LEARN!

  7. It seems to me that these diets assume everybody's a millionaire willing to go broke over food. I live off of ground meat and tuna sometimes and I'm still getting stronger and in better shape. Multi-millionaire's creating diets with certain foods is great and all but if I eat steak over a shake regularly I might as well file for bankruptcy.

  8. Vitamin k2 has two functions: blood clotting/coagulation and activates osteocalcin and other genes that are involved in transporting calcium into the bone. Inadequate levels of vitamin k2 can cause calcification of the arteries over time because the body will use the vitamin k for blood clotting instead of transporting calcium into the bone when there is a shortage (if we get a cut we could bleed out and die). This is called the triage theory.
    Rainbow chard leaves have good amounts of vitamin k1 and k2.
    Natto (fermented soy beans) and fermented cheese are even higher in k2.

    Vitamin d3 is a steroid hormone that regulates 1/23 of the human genome (about 2000 genes get turned on and off by this hormone) a lot of them in the brain

    Vitamin D deficient: reduced brain oxytocin and serotonin, increased aging, impaired executive function, early death, impulsive behavior, immune dysfunction, increased inflammation, brain dysfunction, increased cancer risk, reduced t regulatory cells, learning impairments, increased depression, increased dna damage, accelerated telomere shortening: the latter of which can be equivalent to as much as five years of biological aging

    Magnesium is another super important mineral and a common deficiency. It is a cofactor for over 300 biological processes in the body including repairing damaged dna (we get dna damage every second of every day) and ATP production (the energy currency of the body). Green leafy veggies are high in magnesium

  9. Bullshit. Do both. If you want to get the amount of protein recommended by most experts, shakes make it twice as easy. They're cheap. They're easy. They're fast. They're ideal for people who's career isn't in being jacked and don't want to spend 1/3 of their day cooking. Have your steak. Have your chicken. Have your fish. Wash it down with a shake. Do not have biases.

  10. Bullshit. Shakes are food too, just liquid. Like milk. Brian Alsruhe is crazy strong and jacked, 70-80% of his food comes from protein shakes.

  11. Makes you laugh when you get this huge guys telling you to eat steak 10x a day mean while they've been smacked off there tits on anabolics for donkeys lol

  12. ph level decreases when you eat steak? first time ive ever heard that bs. people go acidic when youre on keto diet. these guys are trapped in the days where protein powders were filled with sugar and made them bloat. thanks to the booming supplement industry, we have thousands of options to choose from now.

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