Sephora Partners With EDF On Their Chemicals Commitment

Perhaps you’re familiar with the retailer’s Clean at Sephora program—more than 70 brands free of iffy ingredients are highlighted on Sephora’s website with a little green stamp of approval. But this chemicals policy extends beyond Clean at Sephora: These goals affect all of the products Sephora sells, not just the items donning the coveted seal. While brands at Sephora labeled “clean” may adhere to a stricter set of criteria, the retailer demonstrates there’s a bottom line in terms of ingredient safety that each and every product should uphold.

Needless to say, they’ve made some headway. But they’ve only rounded out a year of implementing the policy, and Sephora shows no signs of stopping anytime soon: “We will continue to aim for transparency and 100% of formulated beauty products to have their ingredients listed on, partner with innovators in green chemistry and safer ingredients, and work to ensure we are meeting client demand for safer products,” the report concludes. “Sustainability and the importance of client health are a key focus for us, and we are committed to maintaining this priority.” 

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