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Fitness and dieting made simple – Plans that deliver results – Whey Protein Professional Nutrition …

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  1. I like the strawberry taste ,vanilla with berries is also nice not too sweet, I like the scitech nutrition the best of all proteins I tried. I'm a girl and it affected my body great so far I also noticed that my boobs grew while i was taking it.

  2. i didn't know it comes with different flavors i got yogurt peach flavor but it still taste good who cares GAINS BABY

  3. What the best time to take …. because my weight now 67kg.. please give me the best suggestions bro and give me diet plain

  4. Thanku for information.
    I have purchased this recently I have a IMPORTANT question in this protein powder I see some small tiny things which are not dissolving in water. Can you please send me HD video of protein powder SCITEC nutrition whey 100 % PROFESSIONAL in water as well as powder separate video.

  5. how many scoops should you take of it a day ? in their website they say 1 per day after workout but the store owner told me to take it 2 – 3 times a day HELP

  6. I had no idea it was meant for 250ml, I guess I should have read the container a bit more. But, man does it taste way better with 250 ml than 600ml!

  7. Great review, Is it suitable for lacto vegans?.. Also how many times shud I take it per day.. I'm 57KG and I started lifting 11 months ago… Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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