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Fitness and dieting made simple – Plans that deliver results – Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Isolate is pure …

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  1. I just bought this protein yesterday, banana flavor, I’m disappointed with it, unbearable sweet, guys if you decide to buy it do not get the banana flavor, better yet find yourself another maker

  2. This product is very good if you compared with other big brands. This is my third product which is am using it helps me to lose body fat percentage and making my muscles in shape now it is in process.

  3. Thank u for this informative video 🙂 could u please shed light on the albumin in it and the immnuglobulins n all that. Why would they put all these protein fractions in it? Since it already has a complete isolate. Is that good or bad?

  4. scitec 100% whey professional, isolate or ON 100% whey gold standard? which one of these three do you recommend for after workout? can't make up my mind..

  5. Hello i take it with fate burner lipo6 and amino x for losse wghit is that good ?? I take 1 scoop in the morning and 2 scoop after workout and 1 before sleep and that with diet for sure

  6. Sompare Supps I am trying to gain gud muscles. Have just purchased Scitec 100% Whey Isolate. Will it help me to grow bigger and gain some gud muscles ?

  7. thank you for uploading video. i have query here as i want to b lean body and six pack, so would u recommend me to go with this in strawberry flavour. i don't want to build up my muscles. thanks

  8. bro what is the diff between the red jar and the green jar i do heavy weight lifting I am overweight so is it ok to use both of which one is best for me

  9. I am really hesitating between taking this one or the gold standard whey, what is the difference between these two products?
    Thanks in advance 😀

  10. I've got a strawberry one. Tastes WAY too sweet, almost like a lollipop. Too much artificial sweeteners. The protein shakes extremely well though. Hope the chocolate one isn't so sweet.

  11. Thanks for the review. I bought the Chocolate flavor, but my personal opinion on taste is No: It tastes like medicine really, I don't like it. I used Biotech iso whey zero before unfortunately local store didn't have it this time.. and I can say that Bio Tech is 3 classes better when it comes to taste than sci-tech. Again, this is according to me.

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