Q&A: How I Became a Holistic Nutritionist, What Diet I Follow + More

Just a little chit-chat video answering some questions on studying holistic nutrition, what diet I follow, my hair and more! If you have any other q’s for me let me …

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  1. Only doing what feels good to you? Isn't that hedonism?

    No. You should do what you know you could become great at, something that at the very least is interesting to you. But the pathway to a career doing that thing is a long and hard path. It takes work and discipline.

    I feel most people nowadays do things just because they feel good. What is good for you does not necessarily feel good to you. Like exercise when you are overweight. Like eating a salad when you crave junk food.

  2. Thanks for this video! It’s clear you are really passionate about what you do!
    I am just about to finish my Masters in Education, and now I want to become a nutritionist 🙂

  3. Hi! Thank you for your info! I was wondering if you graduated from INN can you call yourself as a holistic nutritionist?

  4. Does anyone know of a good nutrition/coaching certificate program/school in NYC where I can take classes in person? I don't want to do online courses.

  5. dont bother to study any type of nutrition as people will never change their diet to get healthy, they dont beleive diet is the cause of their illness and will always make excuses to not change their diet, im o holistic nutritionist and nobody listens to facts

  6. Hi… Meghan. Though I am writing u in this video. But when I went through ur latest one I thought to ask u about ur new addition of clothes nd winter wardrobe also. If u can make the video for that.

  7. Thank you for the brief but very useful answer for “endometriosis”. I’ve heard a lot about hot dairy products 🥛 🧀 can fluctuate our hormones… I’m gluten free as well, so I’m gonna stick to non-dairy gluten-free products with more certainty! ❤️😍🙏🏻

  8. your hair colour looks awesome now. keep it. I would pay heaps for my hair to be your hair colour.

  9. I guess holistic nutrition can be anything. I am looking to go into having my own practice and helping people with severe illnesses like healing from diabetes, or autoimmune diseases, hormone balance, etc which direction should i go in for that?

  10. What do you recommend for dry skin on the forehead that won't go away, and milia around the eyes? I eat plant based vegan

  11. Hello Meghan,

    As it has now been a little over 3 years since you made this video I was wondering how things have gone for you in regards to being a holistic nutritionist.
    I am looking at a major life change and I'm seriously considering taking the on-line course through CSNN. It is set to be completed over a two year period but I hope to finish it within a year.
    I am currently in Nova Scotia but intend to return to Ontario in the next few years.
    Now my question.
    I know that Nova Scotia at this time has zero job opportunities for a RHN but what about Ontario? Do you think that career field is better or worse then when you were certified? I would love to hear your input.
    Thanks Megan

  12. I do not recommend online programs – You need clinical experience, you need to see a variety of clients with many different problems. You don't get that online.

  13. Being an 80"s girl… For the hair color, if you want more blonde in your hair….use lemon or hydrogen peroxide and sit in the sun or walk in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes. 😀 LOL I just love your channel. XOOXOXOXO

  14. Hi Meghan! loved your video! I actually am not sure if this is available in Canada but there is a chemical free /organic hair color company called Oway! it's completely made from nature and you get the same results from a regular salon:) highly recommend it for anyone wanting a natural solution!
    thank you for sharing your story!!

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