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Positive Thinking and S e l f -T a l k

Positive th inkers use self -talks to boost their self -esteem and confidence. Self -talk at one time
was deemed, as a form of mental illness, yet new discoveries showed that self -talk is a healing

When people use self -talk they find answers to their problems. Sometimes people use self -t a l k s
through writing. What they do is write down their feelings, emotions, etc. The person writes
everything that comes out of their subconscious and conscious mind and after reviews the
information to find answers to problems.

Self -talk is encouraging and can relieve stress. When a person uses self -talk effectively, they not
only find relief the person feels confident and the mind rewards them with positive thoughts.

How self -t a l k w o r k s :
Self -talk works in a way that the pers on communicates verbally or in written forms to self. The
person brainstorms so to speak so that he/she can explore the mind to find new ideas that guide
them to finding answers to financial problems, relationships, and other problems going on in their
lives. You too can benefit from self -talk.

When a person self -talks often, they discover unnecessary stress that they can laugh over later.
For example, sometimes we worry about things we have no control over, or things that just don't
require worry, such a s worrying about missing a television program. Sure, this is simple, but
some people worry for no reason at all, which we can use self -talk to find laughter after realizing
what we do.

Self -talk is more than just verbal communication with self. Self -t a l k comes in the form of writing.
As I mentioned earlier, when you write your feelings it is a way to express your thoughts and to
develop new ideas so that you can find answers to your problem. Self -talk also includes problem

To help you unders tand how self -talk works we can review a few strategies for your convenience.
I would like to start with problem unwrapping.

How to unwrap your problems: