Acupuncture For Cynics

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Some of the basic principles of Taoism are listed below. They must be
understood in terms of their applic ations to health and healing:
• Basic laws of nature govern the universe. We are a part of this
universe and we must exist within that framework and abide by
these laws.
• In its natural order, the universe is perfectly harmonious and
perfectly organized. If humans liv e according to the laws of the
universe, they will also be in harmony.
• Change is the only constant. Our universe is dynamic. If we do
not change ourselves in line with the universe, disharmony will
prevail. It is this disharmony th at will cause sickness or illness of
the mind and body.
• All life is interconnected and in terdependent. To ensure overall
well being we need to consider th e whole before the parts. When
curing an illness or sickness we must adopt a systems approach,
that is, look at the body as a whole rather than as parts.
• We are a part of the universe. We are not independent of our
universe. In fact, we have an intimate connection with our
environment and universe. Therefor e, our spiritual, mental and
physical health is affected by our environment and external
The word ‘acupuncture’ literally means ‘pricking with a needle.’
Acupuncture points are, in fact, th e focus of acupuncture treatments.
Therefore, acupuncture involves th e insertion and manipulation of
needles into acupuncture points on the body for restoring health and
well being.
Acupuncture originated in China mo re than 2000 years ago – making it
one of the oldest and most commonly practiced medical procedures in
the world. Research into acupuncture is still ongoing and practices and
theories are being constantly updated.
In essence, acupuncture is ai med at promoting well being and
alleviating pain. The method may seem alien to many of us but it has
been practiced in China and beyo nd for thousands of years and
continues to be validated by scientists even today.
Acupuncture is now practiced the world over to benefit of people of all
races, ages and ailments.