Predator Nutrition: Progenadrex Supplement Review

I break down the ingredient panel and discuss the supplement at hand. It is said it helps increase in muscle mass, while limiting body fat. Let’s see how it stacks …

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  1. Good review, albeit I feel you mis-understood some of the ingredients/science (I'm the guy that formulated it). As previously mentioned, creatine hcl does not require a 5 gram dose. It's much more soluble than monohydrate and effective at a much lower dosage. You also cite research on creatine ethyl ester. which really isn't applicable to creatine hcl. With respect to biotin, it's in the product to offset the depletion effect large doses of R-ALA has. Without it, you'd get chapped lips like, right quick. And R-ALA isn't included to mitigate cellular damage. It's included to improve creatine uptake (and it absolutely does, per the referenced study). Its glucose disposal properties are also additive to Anacyclus'. And there absolutely is a big enough dose of Anacyclus in the product, per the website you referenced. Please review the 3 cited reference ranges. And FYI those in and of themselves are speculation, per You also cite research on the petroleum extract, where Progenadrex uses the ethanolic extract. The fact you're admittedly eating more, getting stronger and leaner is a hallmark of Anacyclus use. If it didn't include enough, you wouldn't be noticing those things. With respect to the laxogenin, it's included due to its anti-inflammatory effects (R-ALA also has this effect). Also, understand strength increases always preceed size increases. Anyway, I'm glad you gave it a go. I would be interested in more objective feedback next time (pounds gained, tape measure increases/decreases and strength increases in pounds). I think when you take those into account, you'll be able to give a more comprehensive review..

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