Please sign the petition for Abbott Nutrition to bring back their previous formulation of Elecare Jr.

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  1. Nestlé Health Science has their version of Elecare Jr. which is the Alfamino Junior

  2. Hey Cheyanne, i don't respond often to videos on youtube. But i justed wanted to say that this made me real angry. I have suspected MCAS and understand what it's like to lose food after food. I shared your youtube video and the link to the petition on the Mastocytosis/MCAS facebook community i'm in. Goodluck, i hope it works out !

  3. I've signed the petition and shared it to my Facebook. I hope you can get this sorted soon!

  4. I signed because something needs to happen! I hope that this petition will help!

  5. Could be worth it to see a lawyer. Get the others in on it. Little class action lawsuit might get their attention.

  6. I signed the petition! I HOPE they do the right thing! FYI: I had no idea you live in Greenville, S.C. that's where I live! Anyway, I truly wish the BEST for you, and your fellow mass cell friends!

  7. Signed I do hope they get things back to normal quickly. Seeing another human suffering for what most likely was changed to save the company a few cents is just frankly bs. The world is so hung up on money they forget that simple things like this could kill someone if the user is not properly notified of the change.

  8. I signed and shared your video on my FB feed. I am curious, what are you using right now for your feeds?

  9. I have signed the petition. This is ridiculous. Medical companies claim to care but constantly make achieving stable health impossible. I'm praying for you and all of your friends. My thoughts go out to all Elecare Jr. users. I'm so worried for you, no one should be starved to death. This was a preventable and a reversible mistake. They probably switched to a cheaper supplier for one of the ingredients. Best of luck.

  10. It bad enough the cost is so high for people that do not have insurance and to change the formula …I think to save money in production and jack up the cost. Is just plain wrong but when a company changes things with new and improved to raise the cost ….new and improved how can it be both

  11. I signed ♥ I hope this all gets sorted sooner rather than later, it just isn't fair to those who rely on the product

  12. This is terrible! Stupid companies making life hard for ill people 😭 hopefully they will change it back.

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