Panda Express- Eat, Drink & Be Skinny with Angie Greenup

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! You don’t have to give up eating at your favorite fast food restaurants. Whether you’re on a diet, trying to lose weight, or just keeping your …

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  1. Everything brown is better for you. Think about brown rice is better than white rice. Brown sugar is better than white sugar. Brown bread is better than white bread. Having beautiful brown skin is way better than having pale white skin.

  2. if you fucking care about the enviroment so much by telling people not to use styrofoam, how about telling them not to eat meat or dairy since raising livestock for consumption are scientifically proven to be the most detrimental thing we can do to the environment

  3. Only 360 calories for the beef, shrimp and veggies? Is that number from Panda Express? The number looks really small for what seems like it'd amount to about 500-600kcal.

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