GET YOUR OWN FC TEDDY BEAR: A&Z #519 – Atlas vs Outback Jack’s Steak Challenge at Outback Jack’s …

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching the video!! This challenge had lots of healthy vegetables!! 🙂
    There are many Outback Jack's locations all around Australia and thousands of people have attempted this challenge, so we made sure to try it too during the trip!! Another Western Australia food challenge video will post on Wednesday!!

  2. Love Outback Jacks….
    Hope they open more outlets in Australia…..

  3. It's a shame OBJs in Cannington folded….. I miss the Jack's Challenge…. They had a All U Can Eat Ribs deal going for a while, just before COVID-19. Another casualty of the economic devastation from COVID.

  4. That steak looked sooooo good. Too bad he can't sit there and enjoy it lol.

  5. Look at all those veggies! That's why I clicked on this one. Looks so good!

  6. No more very very, extra extra excited intro. The owners of the places just prob think "yeah, sure". Im unsuscribing. Peace out…bye

  7. Hows this for a challenge… by happy accident i went to a local "culvers" and ordered 2 deluxe buttery burgers with all toppings, plus a large order of cheese curds with ranch. Than i drove sround the corner snd ordered a large choc van side by side from steak n shake… i ate it all in 4:30 when i got home…

  8. I like that you eat a steak like a civilized person instead of tearing into it w/ your teeth from your hands like a mongrel. You never make the food look unappetizing either. Thanks for that and I'm sure the restaurant people appreciate it too.

  9. Youre just not doing it
    W the spoon the talking the water ect
    You could seriously be a lot better

  10. Me and my girlfriend watch all your videos your a beast. What was the hardest ever challange you've done. I watched the one were you ate a big plate of chicken I think the prize was for 1000 I wouldn't be able. I'd love to try do one I live in Ireland dublin and they have a challange a 32 inch pizza in 32 minutes the thing is a monster but you get the pizza free and 50 euros and of corse up on the wall of fame

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