Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (My Complete No BS Review)

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Today we’ll take a look at Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, and I’ll give you my full unbiased review of the supplement.

Is this mass gainer really the best thing for you to spend your hard earned money on to gain weight and bulk up?

This is a really valid question because the way that mass building supplements are marketed they tend to really appeal to the serious hard gainer.

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most reputable names in the supplement industry – so I was excited to look under the hood and break down each individual ingredient.

I headed down to my local Vitamin Shoppe and purchased a big 6 lb tub of ON Serious Mass and analyzed the entire ingredient label and even did a complete taste test.

Just as I suspected there are a lot of pro’s and a lot of con’s. In this video I dive in and take a look at the ingredient label and first get into the pro’s of the popular mass builder Serious Mass.

Serious Mass Pros:

When you purchase Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass you really don’t have to purchase a multi-vitamin.

Another benefit is that you will have no problem getting in your carbohydrate content with Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

You get about 252 grams of carbs per serving – so this makes it really easy to get all of your carbohydrates in per day.

The fact that it has so many carbs makes it really useful for a post workout mass building shake that also replenishes depleted glycogen stores.

Another thing that I liked was that Optimum Nutrition added in BCAA’s, glutamine, and creatine. These are proven mass builders and will help with muscle growth and recovery.

Last but not least – since this is a mass builder, it has to be stated that Optimum Nutrition packs in over 1,200 calories per serving.

This will make it very easy to enter a calorie surplus if you are consuming 1 serving every single day.

Some good things here so far, but let’s take a look at the cons of this supplement as well!

Serious Mass Cons:

To be fair to you guys, let me preface this section by saying that this supplement has a lot more con’s than pros. Take a close look at this section before you spend your hard earned money on this mass building supplement.

The first negative mark on this supplement is although it contains 1,250 calories per serving it only contains 8 servings per container. In the entire 6 lb tub you will only get 8 full servings! I think most guys are under the impression when they buy a giant tub that is 6 lbs. it will have close to 50 servings – but this is certainly not the case.

Another major negative aspect that I noticed was that this entire container only has 400 grams of protein, or about 50 grams per serving.

This may seem like a lot, but I took a look at the entire 4.2 lb. tub of combat protein powder and it contained a whopping 1,300 grams of high quality protein!

Protein should be the main ingredient in any serious mass builder – but sadly the carbohydrates drastically outweigh the protein content.

Most of the ingredients in this supplement are carbohydrates. Maltodextrin is a really cheap ingredient, and you can purchase a large 10 lb. tub of pure maltodextrin for less than 20 dollars!

Another major check mark is that this has some major allergy warnings. Serious mass contains wheat, soy, dairy, and egg! These are the 4 most common allergens – so make sure you are careful if you are sensitive to any of these things.

Last but not least – this product contains creatine, but ONLY 8 GRAMS in the entire 6 lb. tub.

This is only 1.5 tsp and is barely enough to be noticeable. You are much better off buying your creatine separately and adding to your protein shakes, which is exactly what I do.

Overall I’m going to give this popular Mass Builder a C. There are certainly better options out there, and I recommend making your own mass builder instead of buying this processed formula.

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  1. In my personal use and research, this shit will spike your blood glucose levels and leave you feeling horrible for the next two hours after consumption. Use a different mass gainer if you can.

  2. I bought a tub of this stuff. How long does it last? Should I buy the bigger bag of it how long does that last??? I drink it once a day?? Thanks

  3. Been using this for 7 days have already gone from 184lbs to 190lbs, used a few year shoes when I was 10.5 stone and serious got me to 11 in 2 months, very good record only used between meals

  4. Alright so hopefully someone sees this and answers this for me. I am 15 and weigh 135 and currently 5'6, which isn't bad I look very skinny. Now I am working out a lot now so I want to bulk up and get big, should I buy this? How much will this mess up my daily eating schedule?

  5. Brother .. i am from india… I want a vedeo of how to check the authencity of on serious mass gain… 6lbs… Because here lots of duplicacy happening ..

  6. While it's always better to reply on natural foods….we might obviously sometimes want a supplement. What are some good mass gainer supplements you WOULD recommend…that scored an A for you? 🙂

  7. I am 185 cm tall , been struggling to get weight even tho i was becoming stronger and lifting heavier weights i still didn't gain too much mass. I will try the product and will let you guys know in a month and i will try my best not to die in the process. Wish me luck !

  8. I'm 6'2 been skinny all my life until I took serious mass with 5 star creatine .I used to weigh 185lbs(waist size 29-30 inches)(biceps 14 inches) with serious mass I weigh 227lbs(waist size 37 inches)(biceps 16 inches) this is included with gym 3 days a week. I'm ectomorph my metabolism is very high. So this helps keep my weight on

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