Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey | Science-Based Overview

Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey is a great option for anyone looking to increase muscle mass and strength. It’s a blended protein that contains whey …

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  1. One thing that come to my mind when she said "Pre-Digested" is I see a muscular man, drinking whey concentrate and throw it all up for us to drink.

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  3. Can you please give a review on Rule 1 R 1 whey protein. There is very less information available of that protein. I wish you reply my message soon…..

  4. The thing I don't understand is if it has 5.5 BCAA labelled, does that mean your actually only getting 18.5 Grams of protein?

  5. don't buy from this site they sell 2 fake boxes to me pls don't buy there was white colour scoop inside the box and the it was sealed in optimum nutrition new whey gold standard doesn't have seals fake products in this site pls be aware

  6. is it true they use Ion Exchange when making this stuff? ive always sworn by this protein but if it turns out they are using hydro-choleric acid and other chemicals to break the protein down further to get the hydrolyzed whey peptides in the bottle then im out/finished with this brand..

  7. Aren't all these supplements bad for your liver though? I mean this one seams basic, but there are ones that are just full of chemicals. What can you trust?

  8. ummmmmmmmm just because lactase is added doesn't make this completely safe for lactose intolerant individuals. if you want that hydrolyzed isolate is your answer. Back to the product, LOVE IT

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