Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Product Review

In this video I will give my review (opinion) of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. Many of the reviews I read or watch are generally by someone …

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  1. I have big stomach if I use gold standard whey is ok tel me my frnd

  2. Can I take it?.. as I'm a girl … And don't go to gym 😣… Plz reply sir🙏

  3. This review sucks. You hardly even went over the product and what it was about.

  4. Don't Like It…when you use a blender to mix it it turns into a thick foam. Jay Robb's egg protein is much better.

  5. Out of all the whey proteins I have tried this has been the best in my opinion. Iv been using gold standerd whey with almond milk and results has been spot on for me

  6. Is this stuff gonna make me loose weight? Cause I don’t wanna loose weight

  7. This and Muscletech are the Best protein Powder for muscle building. but keep in mind this are only supplement. natural food plus hard workout plus adequate sleep is still a must.

  8. Hello my age is 19 and weight is 43 kg. Can i take ASITIS or optimum nutrition gold

  9. Is it helpful for gaining weight .. I'm 19 years old girl..I want to gain Wight

  10. I don't take any protain shake and I have a good body but need a little more definition and today for the first time a got Gold standard whey protein.. My question is will it help me on definition ?

    Thank you

  11. Hello wishing you a fantastic day.
    I'm thinking to use I wanted to is this available in 90 servings as well
    Thank you

  12. Nice, so what are we supposed to do with the protein power ? Are we supposed to drink it before or after workout ?

  13. Hi i use gold standard and i don’t wanna gain weight is this possible ??

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