Nutritional Yeast 101 – What The Heck Is It?

Nutritional Yeast is a new ingredient in my kitchen! It’s very popular in the vegan world because it is dairy-free yet has a very cheesy flavor. Watch this Nutritional …

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  2. Newly vegan and I have a 3yo and 7yo that eat nothing! I need so much help! Recipes for newly kids vegan

  3. I bought the Bragg`s Nutritional Yeast and on the ingredients B12 is cyanocobalamin. One of Dr . Berg`s videos said it should be Methylcobalamin preferably. Clean and Delicious what do you think about this?

  4. From what I've heard, nutritional yeast is quickly gaining popularity – I'm just looking into it for the first time. It seems pretty expensive. Do you think the price will come down as it is produced and sold in greater quantities?

  5. I eat it as is and I am almost addicted to that cheesy taste! The nutritional input is a great bonus to the taste❤️

  6. Actually, nutritional yeast doesn't have vitamin B12 in it. In some products it gets fortified with the B12, like the one displayed in the video by Bragg, but not all. This fortification can be synthetic or non synthetic depending on the product. You can eat raw milk kefir to get that as well as an abundance of other nutrients. Something also not mentioned about the yeast is that it has a complete profile of amino acids. It's a very impressive product. Brewers yeast is very similar if you want a variation on the taste, but its more bitter IMO.

  7. Natural nutritional yeast does not contain vitamin B12.
    If it says so, then you should know it is synthetic

  8. I’d say the cheese replacement is the last thing, it isn’t really cheesy to me but It is satisfying. It mainly thickens sauces and gives flavour to a lot of dishes.

  9. I absolutely love N.Y. But my question is can I bake with it without losing its nutrition ?

  10. Do not eat nutritional yeast. It causes some serious candida overgrowth. I had so much bloating and pain after eating it and for the longest time I didn't know it was the nutritional yeast causing it.

  11. Covid-19 time—Today I ordered bread yeast from the grocery store, and they substituted nutritional yeast. 🤪

  12. Add to the broth component of a basic Creme of Asparagus soup and wow. Really lights up the taste buds.

  13. if your going 101 you should know what your talking about nutritional cannot be heated and should be stored refridgerated all nutritive value is destroyed in cooking must be digested uncooked or your wasting your money sprinkle salad mix in dressings or great in smoothys

  14. Needs to be added to the diet of those of us having had gastric bypass surgery, too

  15. I make a bomb vegan Mac and cheese with nutritional yeast boiled potatoes and carrots ACV salt and almond/oat milk

  16. I am a Keto person and I used in my meatballs and meatloaf. I also put in on my zoodles, spaghetti squash and my eggs.

  17. Just to put it out there just in case people don’t know Even though molasses is sweet there is absolutely zero sugar in it.

  18. 1:12 No. None. Nutritional Yeast provides 0 amount Vitamin-B12.
    Vitamin B12 does not exist in those microorganisms and no one can tease it out of those microorganisms. It ain't there. Ya can't find it and ya can't register a quantity of it.

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